How to Become a Licensed Forklift Operator

Looking for information on how to become a certified forklift operator? Learn why forklift certification is an important part of safety training for many different work environments and how this required training can advance your career.

Warehouse distribution centers and construction sites often employ forklift operators to operate machinery that moves heavy material. Forklift certification often comes with a pay increase, and more importantly in terms of employment is the fact that a licensed forklift operator and their employer tend to be less liable for any damages that may occur in the workplace. If your employer is lax about a forklift license, then every employee’s health and safety is at great risk every time they step into the workplace. Forklift certification is a marketable skill and opens up a number of jobs to anyone with the proper credentials.

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Getting a Job in Cosmetology

Careers in cosmetology have come a long way. Thanks to You Tube, Instagram and other social media platforms, some professional cosmetologists have become almost as popular as high-profile athletes and rock stars. Having a successful career in cosmetology allows you to interact with other people, express your own creativity and earn a great income.

Did you know celebrity cosmetologist earn as much as $100,000 per year? Plus, most cosmetology programs can be completed within a year and only require continuing education to maintain your state license once certified.

Here is an overview of how to get started in this exciting and rewarding career path.

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Why HVAC Repair Is A Great Career

If you have ever considered a career as an HVAC technician, there is no better time to join the industry. The HVAC industry is not only thriving, but also in constant demand year-round. In the last several decades, the number of homeowners and rentals has greatly increased and with this trend, there is a growing need for skilled tradesmen and women in HVAC repair. Choosing a career path or pursuing a different venture is challenging, but can also be rewarding long-term. HVAC repair offers a rewarding career on multiple levels including pay, availability of jobs, demand, and advantageous life-style considerations. Here’s why HVAC repair can be a fulfilling long-term career:
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