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You want to become a contractor. Now what? The following information is to help you through the necessary steps in order to assure a smooth transition as you become a licensed contractor in any trade.

First, are you becoming licensed with the correct license? Besides the trade you will need to decide if you will be preforming residential only, commercial only, or residential and commercial, restricted or unrestricted, etc.  The value of the projects you plan to build both per project and total for the year and the size of the project will help you determine many licenses.

TX Electrical CEU (4 Hours)


All online courses are different.  Every company writes their own material and presents it differently.  Our course is:

  1. Professionally written. We cover the codebook but our professionals write the commentary.   We know you want to understand the latest rules and concepts.  The @Home Prep Texas Electrician Continuing Education course presents material relevant to you written by professionals.
  2. Fully narrated by a professional reader. When you are listening to a course for four hours, we feel you deserve a professional reader and we think you absorb the material better by both hearing and seeing the material. 

WI Cosmetology CEU

@HomePrep wants to know— Is it time to take your Wisconsin Cosmetology Continuing Education course?

Our advertising is light, but our message is serious. Are you ready to renew your Wisconsin Cosmetology License? Don’t run the risk of not completing the continuing education requirement before your license expires. Our course is good for a year. That means you can take it a month before your license needs to be renewed or any time within 364 days before you license needs to be renewed.

@ Home Prep is excited to announce the launch of our newly approved Hazwoper continuing education programs, Kentucky Well Drillers continuing education course, and 3 continuing education programs in Texas:

Texas Cosmetology

Texas Well Driller 

Texas Tow Trucker 

To learn more about what continuing education courses are offered in your state visit our website HERE.

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