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In the state of Oklahoma, every commercial roofer must finish four hours of continuing education every three years to stay licensed. At Home Prep is pleased to offer a comprehensive course designed to help Oklahoma roofers keep their license with the education they need on a schedule and budget designed to work with them.

@ Home Prep now offers continuing education needed to keep your TABC certification. In Texas, servers and sellers of alcohol are required to complete a continuing education course every two years, with course topics set by the state. The topics include things like the definition of intoxication, the laws specific to intoxicated persons, minors, and proper identification, monitoring customer behavior, and more.

Colorado electricians have until September 30 to complete your required Personal Development Units in order to renew licenses. For the renewal period beginning October 1, 2017 and ending September 30, 2020, the requirements will be changing. New laws in Colorado will remove the Continuing Competency exam completely and require all electricians to earn 24 PDUs every renewal period (three years).

@ Home Prep is pleased to announce the launch of our continuing education programs for Florida Cosmetology. In every renewal period, cosmetologists working in the state of Florida are required to earn 16 hours of continuing education along the course topics outlined by the state. Our program has recently been approved by the Florida Cosmetology Board and is now available online!

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