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Are you looking to venture into the alcohol business in Texas? If so, you're required to be TABC certified. Here are a few pieces of information that should help you become more informed about what that really means and what to expect from the process.

What Is A TABC Certificate?

TABC stands for Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. In its simplest form, a TABC certificate is the first step towards being able to sell alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas. Texas employs licensed third-party employees, who work with people seeking to obtain their TABC certificate. A few of the skills that you will be taught include:
  • How to check identification so as not to sell to minors. Harmful impacts of alcohol and how to prevent them. How alcohol can impair a person's judgement. How to ensure your business is not liable if a problem arises. How to refuse a customer.
Though there may be other skills you will learn while enrolled in a TABC certificate program, these are the most important lessons.

Why Is TABC Certification Necessary?

Alcohol related injuries and deaths are a problem in the U.S. On average, nearly 90,000 people annually die from alcohol, and many more are injured. Texas takes alcohol safety seriously. That means anyone looking to sell alcoholic beverages must undergo extensive training prior to selling. This training is meant to help lower those statistics by giving those who serve alcohol the skills needed to detect potentially dangerous situations in advance. Overall, this training provides safety for the state of Texas and its residents.

How Much Does A TABC Certificate Cost?

This depends on where you obtain your license. Our course is fully state-approved for Texas alcohol sellers/servers and is only $9.99

How Often Do I Need To Renew My TABC Certificate?

Unless otherwise stated in your TABC certificate, most people have to renew their license every two years. Texas promotes this policy to ensure alcohol providers consistently stay up to date with alcohol safety rules. Need to renew? Our course takes just two hours to complete.

How Do I Get A TABC Certificate?

If you're looking to sell alcohol, it's relatively easy to obtain a TABC certificate. You first want to register for a class with a licensed TABC provider. From there, you must complete all of the course work, including the final exam. If you successfully complete the course, you should print a copy of your certificate. Once you complete all of the paperwork, you're TABC licensed!

Where Can I Get My TABC Certificate?

There are two options: in person or online. Typically, online TABC certificate programs are easier and more user-friendly. We offer an instant certificate, 1 year access and instructor support. Our course has been written and fully vetted by Food and Beverage/Alcohol professionals and training is based on guidelines set forth by the industry and your regulatory body. Ready to get started? Click here and get your TABC certification today!

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