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Interested in becoming an auctioneer? Then you’ll want to know what it takes to get your license to launch this new career. Only 37 states actually require auctioneer licensing. While they may have different state specific requirements, most have the same basic overall conditions. In some states, an apprenticeship may be needed before auctioneer licensing is granted. Basic requirements include: 18 years or older High school diploma or GED Complete an auctioneer course and pass an examination Complete application process and fee There are other factors to consider beyond licensing. Some of the keys to having a successful and profitable career as an auctioneer include: Strong and clear speaking voice Ability to speak very quickly Ability to react quickly “on your feet” Ability to enjoy fast paced environments Strong organizational and detail-oriented skills Ability to interact comfortably with clients, staff, and bidders Ability to entertain the public Stamina for standing and talking for prolonged periods of time Strength to move heavy objects Flexibility in hours, including weekends and evenings It may take hours and hours of practice to become proficient in speaking clearly, quickly, and rhythmically. You need to have a strong voice that can withstand extended periods of auctioning and some entertaining to keep your bidders engaged throughout the auction. Temperament is also extremely important as respect for clients, staff and all bidders is of the utmost importance to having a successful career in auctioneering. Your individual stamina may also come into play. The pace of an auction is often quick and even furious at times. You must energetically sell the items that are available for auction and actively engage with others during the bidding process to motivate bids. In many ways, you need to be both fast and organized to keep up with all the various aspects of an auction. One important consideration is what type of auctioneering interests you. There are many to choose from in various industries. Some auctions encompass residential real estate, movable property, business liquidation, agricultural, farm equipment, land, industrial equipment. The list goes on and there are numerous possibilities..

Renewal License

Though renewal license requirements vary from state to state, most require continuing education courses, a renewal application, and a renewal fee. There are many continuing education courses to choose from. These courses must be completed by the final day of your renewal period.. For instance, if your renewal period is March 1, 2018, and March 1, 2019, courses must be completed before renewal date of March 1, 2019.


A career as an Auctioneer is very rewarding. Many, who put forth the effort and persevere with education, consistently find long and fulfilling careers. The best part is, the courses to get started can be done online, in your own time, and at very little cost. Ready to get started? Click here to see your state specific courses and requirements to get your Auctioneer License today!

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