Hand Therapy Bootcamp: The Perfect Course for OTs, PTs and CHTs

Are you just beginning a career in hand therapy? Do you want to earn your Continuing Education Hours as an occupational therapist? Or are you looking for a refresher on common hand conditions for your current job as a physical therapist? If you answered yes to any of those questions, @HomePrep is pleased to now offer the Hand Therapy Boot Camp course to meet your online learning and professional needs!

Advantages of Hand Therapy

Hands involve many complex components and when something happens, the right assessment and care is needed to address the issue or injury. Hand therapy, whether provided by a CHT or as part of an OT plan, can help patients find pain relief, restore lost muscle strength and even regain nerve function. In some cases, hand therapy can prevent surgery.

Who Needs Hand Therapy?

Chronic conditions or injury usually are the most common reasons people seek hand therapy. Other reasons for hand therapy include arthritis, strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fractures.

About the Course

This Hand Therapy Boot Camp course is in movie format, combining a variety of instructional methods that include Power Point, lectures and movies. This format keeps students fully engaged as they learn more about anatomy, assessment, and therapy techniques. It’s a mixed-level course, designed to reach both beginner and intermediate level learners. The course provides 10 contact hours and 12.5 NBCOT® PDUs.

Why @HomePrep

As a leader in the e-learning industry, @HomePrep has helped over 100,000 students since 2014. We offer a fully-integrated solution for our users by providing courses and related books that span multiple trades and industries from the construction fields to healthcare. The vision of @Home Prep is to foster lifelong learning for career professionals. If you’re ready to invest in yourself, click here to start your Hand Therapy Boot Camp course today!