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  • Long story short, I wish I found this course sooner!!! I failed my exam twice at PSI before purchasing this practice course… they will even tell you the page numbers in the book to find the correct answers that way you can highlight them and start learning where everything is in the book. You will not regret this purchase!

    Cori G
  • The content and format were excellent. The course helped me to better understand the organization and use of NFPA 70 with regards to the test as well as explaining the necessary calculations and variables. The format helped this mechanical guy understand the electrical side of the business. And now I am ready to take the test.

    TJ D
  • As a busy contractor with multiple state licenses and needs, it is nice to find a valuable source that can help fulfill my obligations from testing prep to CEU requirements. The team at @HomePrep are very courteous and professional. I would recommend them for any and all license and training needs.

    Ronald R
  • The course was very informative and covered all necessary code updates. Thank you for making my life easier to update my license.

    Johnathon F
  • This is a great way for me to do my continuing education because I’m so busy, I can do it when I have time and not have to go do classes on someone else’s schedule.

    Brian W

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