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This course is offered in partnership with MTCopeland.  Learn how to efficiently navigate commercial blueprints, interpret construction drawings, and apply these concepts on a real job with carpenter and builder, Elly Hart.Spanish subtitles available @ HomePrep is a National Leader in online education. With over 100,000 satisfied students and a course catalog of over 1,000 classes, we are here to help you – Invest in Yourself.



Elly Hart is a site lead on multi-family developments in Vancouver, Canada. Born and raised in Australia, she was an award-winning journalist writing and editing stories about consumer technology. In 2012, Elly traveled to Canada for a short working holiday and never left. She picked up woodworking, which inspired her to quit her desk job. In 2015, she signed up for a four-year carpentry apprenticeship. Her job site experience started with renovations for a design-build company before moving on to multi-family developments where she worked her way from apprentice to lead carpenter to assistant site superintendent. Elly graduated from the apprenticeship program with distinction in 2019, holds a Certificate of Qualification (Red Seal) in carpentry, and is currently working towards a degree in construction management. She is dedicated to challenging public perceptions of the construction industry and advancing the skilled trades through education and mentorship.



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Course Description

Learn how to navigate commercial blueprints and construction drawings, and apply these concepts on a real job.

Course Outline

Class Overview – Meet your instructor, Elly, a carpenter and site lead in Vancouver, as she shares her journey with you and discusses the importance of being able to read commercial blueprints.

Residential vs Commercial Drawings – Residential blueprints and commercial blueprints have a lot in common and plenty of differences. Elly teaches you the basic distinctions between them.

Title Sheets & Project Statistics – The title sheet lays out the what and the why of a project, the context, and the scope of work. Learn to read this crucial and often-overlooked page.

LEED & Built Green Requirements – Built Green and LEED are environmental standards that are increasingly applied to commercial builds. Learn to navigate these requirements and the tradeoffs associated with them.

Window Schedule – Schedules provide detailed information about specific building components like walls, doors, windows, and hardware that may appear multiple times throughout a building.

Door Schedule – Learn even more about how schedules function on a commercial build with this deep dive into doors.

Site Plan – The site plan is a bird’s eye view of everything contained within the property lines of your build, and contains critical information that will be especially helpful during pre-construction.

Demolition & Retention – Demolition and retention drawings are used in renovations: they show you what gets demolished and what stays in place.

Floor Plans – Floor plans are often considered to be the most consequential drawings in a set of blueprints. Elly shows you how to navigate them and use them as the basis for surfacing and solving problems on your build.

Reflected Ceiling Plans – Reflected ceiling plans, or RCPs, give you additional context about ceiling construction than is often included in the floor plans.

Sections – Section views show you a building from the side, as though it were sliced like a layer cake. This useful perspective can help you understand how the whole building fits together.

Detail Drawings – Detail drawings show you how specific elements of the building should be constructed. Here, Elly demonstrates how to find the information you need to build a key component of commercial builds: the exit stairs.

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