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Construction Math






Jordan Smith is President of SmithHouse Construction, a design-and-build firm in Austin, Texas. He holds a B.S. in Materials Engineering, is a Certified Welding Instructor, and has worked in construction for over 10 years. Jordan is passionate about the trades and hopes to motivate the next generation of craftsmen in this class.

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Course Description

Learn essential construction math skills, including measuring, conversions, and geometry to be more efficient.

Course Outline

Class Overview – This class will give you the foundation to make any job more efficient and profitable.

Measurement Review – Nearly all of construction math starts and ends with the measuring tape.  Learn how to master yours.

Increments & Fractions Review – Jordan outlines the key increments used in measuring and identifies the most commons fractions to memorize to make the day-to-day math in construction easier.

Subtracting Fractional Measurements – A confident foundation in fraction subtraction will help you deliever measurements on the job and do things like rip plywood more efficiently.

Dividing and Multiplying Fractional Measurements – Dividing and multiplying fractions are two sides of the same coin.  Jordan teaches you tricks for doubling, halving, and quartering measurements in your head.

Equal Spacing:  Shiplap – Using division, learn how to evenly lay out a fractional number of pieces of shiplap across the wall of a room.

Equal Spacing: Deck & Stair Railing – Learn to make sure the balusters on a cable deck railing and set of stairs will both be up to code and look great.

Equal Spacing: Deck Balusters – Jordan teaches you an insider trick for evenly spacing out deck balusters every single time.

Calculating Areas of Floor Plans – Review the formulas for area for basic geometric shapes, and apply those formulas to the areas of floor plans and other drawings for construction.

Calculating Volumes of Interiors – Jordan shares how to calculate volumes for common construction problems, from HVAC estimates to pouring concrete.

Angles & Triangles: Foundation Layout – Learn to take the time-consuming guesswork out of foundation layout and square your corners every time.

Basic Trig: Cuttinga Staircase Handrail – A single trigonometry function can go a long way in making accurate angled cuts before even showing up on the job site.  Learn how.