2016 marks the centennial anniversary of the Portland Cement Association. One hundred years ago, PCA published its first book on concrete mixtures, Proportioning Concrete Mixtures and Placing Concrete. The book proportioned concrete for different applications using bulk volume relationships such as a 1:2:3 mix (1 part cement: 2 parts sand: 3 parts gravel).

Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures


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For 100 years, PCA has provided technical guidance to the concrete practitioner on how to design and control concrete mixtures. Many advances have been made in concrete technology over the decades ranging from new materials and testing methods, to improved concrete properties and construction practices. Concrete construction today follows a mantra of quicker, stronger, more durable, more resilient, and more sustainable. That story is proudly displayed within the pages of this centennial edition of Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures.