Productivity and Accountability

Pursuing a career in a new field? Take a workforce readiness course! Prepare yourself with Workforce Readiness - Productivity and Accountability. Our online training will help you learn the skills you need to explore new career paths or improve your job performance. This course is fully online, easy to take, self-paced, and takes 13 hours to complete.

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Steps to Success

1. Take the online course at your convenience.
2. At the end of the course, print your certificate of completion.

Course Details
13 Hours
Entry Level
Easy to Use
Self Paced
Instant Certificate
1 Year of Access

Course Fee: $50.99

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@ Home Prep is now offering a Workforce Readiness - Productivity and Accountability course that provides you with the tools to increase your productivity and accountability in the workplace. You can take this well-organized course at your own pace, completely online. Sign up now!

Workforce Readiness Productivity and Accountability Overview

Our Productivity and Accountability course is designed for your transition to a new career field or if you are new to the workforce and covers the importance of productivity and accountability in the workplace.

Course Overview

The Productivity and Accountability course covers the importance of productivity and accountability in the workplace. This course is self-paced and online. No previous experience is necessary.

Our course objectives include:

  • Explain how worker productivity impacts business
  • Describe goal-setting strategies in difficult situations
  • Describe ways to increase productivity
  • Identify productivity tools
  • Identify characteristics of a productive team
  • Describe ways to keep a team productive
  • Describe task management process
  • Identify ways to assess personal accountability
  • Explain steps for being more accountable

Who Should Take This Course?

Individuals who are transitioning into a new career field after 10 or more years in another career, as well as individuals who are new or returning to the workforce.

Have Multiple Employees?

Discounts are available for multiple employees of the same company. Contact us for pricing breakdowns.

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