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Complete our self-paced, online course to renew your Ohio Cosmetology license. Courses are user-friendly, state-approved/accepted, and can be taken from any device, anytime.

  • Ohio Cosmetology Continuing Education (7 Hours)


    Ohio Cosmetologists are required to complete 7 hours of continuing education through a Provider and required 1 hour course on Laws and Rules only offered by the State of Ohio. Renewals periods are in 2 year intervals. Our online course is state approved for Cosmetologists and Registered Specialists. Our course includes all the needed topics and hours required to satisfy all state requirements. @HomePrep is a National Leader in online education. With over 100,000 satisfied students and a course catalog of over 1,000 classes, we are here to help you – Invest in…

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Requirements To Complete

Continuing Education Overview

Ohio cosmetology licenses expire every 3 years. You are required to complete 8 Hours of education (7 hours through a provider and 1 hour through the state). Our training is fully State approved for Cosmetologists and Registered Specialists.

Cosmetologists and Registered Specialists continuing education must include a minimum of the following:


  • 3 Hours of Sanitation and Infection Control
  • 1 Hour of Chemical Makeup of Hair, Skin, and Nails
  • 1 Hour of instruction regarding Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations
  • 1 Hour of Environmental Issues in Cosmetology
  • 1 Hour of Color and Cutting Tech

When you purchase the course, you will create a username and password. You are able to login to our website and take portions of the training at any time. After you complete the training, you will be able to immediately print a copy of your certificate of completion. The next business day, we will notify the State you completed your required course(s).

How It Works


Take the online course at your convenience.


Fully complete the course to access your certificate.


Complete any additional state requirements to renew your license.