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Florida Construction Industry Analysis

Florida’s construction industry is outperforming the nation. Per reports such as Cumming Insight, Florida metro areas such as Miami are saw growth as much as 7% during the pandemic. As noted within the report, this is partly due to the state taking a different approach to the pandemic restrictions, in addition to an increase of people relocating over this past year. While the Florida construction has clearly shown significant resilience in the face of COVID-19, what does the forecast look like for the year ahead?
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Oregon Construction Industry Today

Covid certainly impacted the construction industry in 2020. However, the disruptions were not spread evenly. For example,  states such as  Tennessee and Oregon have already shown strong signs of recovery. According to this report from Cumming Corporation, Oregon (like Nashville) even had “a slight surge in projects towards the end of the year, which has resulted in an overall construction volume figure similar to that of 2019.”
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Massachusetts Construction Industry Update

While some areas of the county (like Tennessee) have maintained a steadier construction pace during this past year, Massachusetts saw a significant decrease due to Covid. The drop in demand for both commercial and residential construction was significantly lower in the state. Add in strict restrictions and shut-downs, and it makes sense why Massachusetts overall construction numbers fell. Here’s where things stand today, the outlook for 2021 and the opportunities available.
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Tennessee Construction Industry Analysis

Nearly every industry has slowed over the past year as the world adjusted to a pandemic and its impacts. Of course, not every industry has been impacted in the same way. Add in regional or state-specific factors and it suddenly makes sense why construction in Tennessee is still going strong.
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Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License Requirements

  The pandemic has caused challenges to our economy over the past 10 months. However, the construction industry in Massachusetts maintains a positive outlook for recovery in the months ahead. This is great news for construction employees who want to pursue a successful, solid career in the coming years. As the industry starts to rebuild, take advantage of this slower work period to invest in yourself and your career so that you can maximize your income earning potential. The easiest way to do that is by getting your Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License (CSL).
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Oregon Contractors License Requirements

The Oregon construction industry remains strong right now, especially thanks to a steady demand in the residential sector. Due to the lingering challenges of the pandemic, there may be some slow down but why not take advantage of a slower work period to invest in yourself and your career? If you’ve considered getting your Oregon Contractors License, now is the perfect time to get started. Once complete, you can maximize your income earning potential with bigger and more complex projects as a licensed contractor.
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Florida Contractor License Requirements

The Florida construction industry remains strong right now, especially if you happen to live in the Miami metro area. There may be some slow down in the first few months of the year due to the lingering challenges of the pandemic, but there will still be opportunities for contractors. So, if you’ve been wondering if now is the right time to get your Florida Contractors License, the answer is yes! Take advantage of a slower work period to invest in yourself and your career so that you can maximize your income earning potential once licensed.
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3 Reasons HVAC Technicians Are In Demand Right Now

Time For a New Career?

If you are contemplating your career currently, you are in good company. As we wind down 2020, many people are reflective about jobs, relationships and lifestyle.  This is often the case in December, as people naturally look back over the past year to see what went well and what could be changed for the upcoming year. However, 2020 was unlike any other and, as a result, more people than ever are considering if a change of career makes sense or if training for a new skill could bring more income opportunities in 2021.
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3 Reasons Licensed Contractors Make More Money

Becoming a Licensed Contractor

A lot of people seek out jobs in the construction industry thanks to its steady nature and wide range of career opportunities. After some time, many will consider whether or not they should get licensed. Certain states require licensing for all jobs; others require licensing for certain jobs; and others do not have state requirements but do have city or county requirements. Click here to find out more about your state specific requirements. While state requirements are a common reason for licensing, some people realize that licensed contractors simply have the opportunity to earn more money. Here are three great reasons why licensed contractors can make more:
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