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@HomePrep is proud to be a leader in the e-learning industry by continuously offering high quality digital and live education to our vast community of professional learners. We strive to provide the most inclusive and beneficial content to help our students remain competitive in their field. By allowing us to be the chosen provider for exam prep courses, continuing education credits, and a variety of other courses, students can be assured they are receiving state and industry approved training. We offer a fully-integrated solution for our users by providing courses and related books that span multiple trades and industries from the construction fields to cosmetology. At @HomePrep, we fully understand that students have many choices when it comes to seeking their education, and we believe that we are that choice.

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  • As a busy contractor with multiple state licenses and needs, it is nice to find a valuable source that can help fulfill my obligations from testing prep to CEU requirements. The team at @HomePrep are very courteous and professional. I would recommend them for any and all license and training needs.

    Ken R
  • I decided to use @ Home Prep online training in order to complete my California Electrical Recertification requirement. While I initially selected them because of their satisfaction and price match guarantees I realized very quickly that their training was first class. Their website was easy to navigate and they provided me all the tools I needed to complete this very stressful task. All in all, they helped make this a positive experience. I would recommend @ Home Prep to people who need their California Electrical Training Certification.

    Alfred R
  • I have finally experienced customer satisfaction in the highest form. You guys are so much more than a voice or words on the other side of the phone or screen, you are all real people who really care!

    Soo C
  • I use your company every renewal cycle for my continuing education hours, and you guys make it simple and efficient – I will continue to be a repeat customer of @HomePrep.

    Gina S
  • I received my book order promptly. Thank you so much for all your help. We will definitely be buying more books from you guys in the future….you make the process easy.

    Bill S

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@HomePrep’s mission is to be a leader in providing quality professional development and continuing education to support our learners’ goals.

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The vision of @Home Prep is to foster lifelong learning for career professionals

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@HomePrep is constantly evaluating educational options to improve our service to our learners. If you are an instructor, content developer, or educational consultant, we would like to hear from you and understand the services you provide for exam preparation, continuing education and pre-licensing.

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