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  • Gypsum Construction Handbook 7th Edition


    Gypsum Construction Handbook has been the best reference for gypsum products and systems in the building industry. Throughout the years it has evolved and changed as the building industry itself has evolved and changed.

    The fifth edition of the Gypsum Construction Handbook is a guide to good construction procedures for gypsum drywall, veneer plaster, cement board and conventional plaster construction. It contains the newest developments in products and systems including time-saving, lower-cost methods of installation to simplify and speed construction. View Product

  • Painting and Decorating Craftsman’s Manual and Textbook


    This recently revised manual serves as a valuable reference book for the painting and decorating industry. The textbook has been used with many apprentice programs and has been cited as an authority in litigation to settle issues arising…

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  • Cost & Estimating Guide Volume 2-Rates and Tables


    Rates and tables are used extensively by painting and decorating estimators on a daily basis. Suggested labor production rates for all work processes likely to be performed are presented, including surface protection, surface preparation, painting, gypsum

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  • Painter’s Handbook


    Loaded with “how-to” information you’ll use every day to get professional results on any job: the best way to prepare a surface for painting or repainting; selecting and using the right materials and tools (including airless spray); tips for repainting; etc.

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  • BNi General Construction Costbook 2021 Edition


    The most comprehensive and accurate cost coverage for all aspects of construction.

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  • Drywall Contracting


    How to set up and operate a drywall contracting business. Here you’ll find how to get set up as a drywall contractor, the tools you’ll need, how to do the work, and how to estimate and schedule jobs so that you keep the work flowing and the money coming in. How to prevent drywall problems, spot hidden problems before you begin, and how to install and repair drywall in new construction or remodeling work. Lists the eight essential steps in making a drywall estimate and includes estimating forms and man-hour tables for your use. This book is filled wi…

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  • Wallcovering Estimating Guide


    A handy pocket-sized booklet for use by contractors to estimate quantities of needed wall coverings. Covers estimating, methods, measuring techniques, adhesives and roll/bolt, and U.S./metric size conversions. Strip count estimating tables and contract wall covering tables are also included. 21 pages.

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  • Paint Contractor’s Manual


    This is the only manual ever written that explains how to start and run a profitable paint contracting business: getting set up and organized to handle volume work, the tools you’ll need and the tools you shouldn’t even consider buying, avoiding the mistakes most painters make, getting top production from your crews and the most value from your promotion dollar. Shows how to estimate all surface preparation and painting and includes manhour figures the author uses when estimating residential, commercial and industrial jobs. Suggests pricing strategies when …

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  • RCA: Facilities Maintenance, 2nd edition


    Developing an understanding of the facilities maintenance industry has been made easier with this unique texts clear, step-by-step illustrations and easy-to read writing style that will start you on the path toward a successful career in the field. RCA: FACILITIES MAINTENANCE, 2e focuses on preparing you to successfully master the critical tasks involved in becoming a residential facilities worker. Using a straightforward approach to maintenance, repair, and replacement, common maintenance tasks in the areas of carpentry, wiring, grounds keeping, appliance repa…

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  • Hazard Communication Compliance Manual


    A straightforward, easy-to-follow how-to guide for compliance with the regulations. Contains essential forms, checklists, and a model written compliance program. 100 pages.

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  • Negotiation


    Negotiation is an important element of the sales process. The purpose of this booklet is to develop a step-by-step understanding of negotiation for commercial painters and decorators that can be used to increase business and profitability.

    This addition to PDCA’s “What Every Painting and Decorating Contractor needs to Know About…” series provides useful tips on how to prepare for the presentation and how to negotiate and close the deal with your favorable items. 36 pages.

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  • Customer Service


    Customer service is a marketing activity that can continuously provide new opportunities for work in a very cost effective manner. It costs a lot less money to keep a client than it does to get a new one! Given that most painting and decorating contractors start their businesses on a residential level, many of the examples in this step-by-step booklet are residential in character. 36 pages.

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  • Public Relations


    The main objective in residential and commercial markets is to achieve a high level of customer service. A happy customer may recommend you to others, but you must also publicize why that customer is happy with your services. This step is frequently the reason why some painting and decorating contractors seem to get work effortlessly, while others struggle with finding their next project. 40 pages.

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  • Business Planning


    Business planning is often an overlooked management tool. Developing a business planning mindset to manage people and to tackle challenges is often the only difference between successful companies and the ones that struggle with the same issues year after year. This PDCA booklet will give you the tools to set the plan into motion. Given that most painting and decorating contractors start their businesses on a residential level, many of the examples in this step-by-step booklet are residential in character. 36 pages.

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  • Marketing Planning and Strategy


    Marketing is what a company does to develop an environment for its services to be sold. It includes a myriad of activities interwoven with an overall strategy to attract targeted prospects that have a need and the financial ability to use that service. Marketing is an ongoing activity impacting all activities of the business. This PDCA booklet is a step-by-step marketing program for residential painters and decorators to increase business and profitability. 36 pages.

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  • What Every Contractor Needs to Know About… Series Bundle Spe


    Includes seven “What Every Contractor Needs to Know About…” series booklets.

    Marketing, Planning, and Strategy
    Selling to the Homeowner
    Business Planning
    Customer Service
    Public Relations
    Direct Mail

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  • Drywall


    Drywall is a comprehensive text detailing the principles and practices of the drywall trade. Math concepts are presented with special emphasis on the math skills required to measure and cut drywall. Common materials, tools, and equipment are described and shown in use.

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