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Requirements To Complete

About This License

  • The Arkansas Water and Sewer Line License is not a statewide license; it will only be valid for water and/ or sewer services of customers under the purview of the verifying utility. Working outside your authorized area may result in license revocation.

Requirements to Obtaining Your License

  • Applicants are required to provide a letter from the verifying utility with their state application stating that they are currently extending or renovating in a major service area. Or, have other justifications that necessitate the issuance of this license type.
  • All applicants shall be examined by the Plumbing and Natural Gas Section of the Arkansas Department of Health to determine competency to perform as a Restricted Water and Sewer Service Line Installation Plumber and on the regulations that may affect the operation.
  • Pre-approval is required from the board before sitting for the exam

Applying For Your License

To apply for a license the Arkansas Department of Health can be contacted by at 1-800-462-0599, or by visiting the Plumbing & Natural Gas information section of their website. Your application must be processed before sitting for the exam.

  • The Application Fee is $125.00.
  • Licensing Fee is $200.00.
  • The average processing time for applications is one month.

If you need assistance with the application process, @ Home Prep- a division of Stautzenberger College can help you by saving you time and money. With our years of experience, we can quickly and accurately complete your state application.

Exam Details

  • The Arkansas Water and Sewer Line Exam has 30 questions with a time limit of 75 minutes.
  • The examinations are OPEN book.
  • A score of 70% is needed to pass.
  • The fee for examinations is built into the licensing fee.

Books and References for the Exam

The following references are permitted to be taken into the Arkansas Master and Journeyman Plumbing examinations. These references may be purchased from our online contractor’s bookstore or by calling 1-800-952-0910.

The following reference is a Public Information Document made available by the American Concrete Pipe Association. Once printed is allowed to be taken into the exam.


Exam Review Education

As of this time, we do not have a seminar or study guide available. Please continue to check back with us as we are always developing new programs.

Continuing Education

There are no requirements for continuing education as of this time.

Reciprocity Agreement

Reciprocity is considered on a case by case basis.

How It Works


Obtain pre-approval from the state (if applicable).


Purchase Exam Prep materials.


Schedule and pass your state exams.


Submit to the state your application, licensing fee, and proof of insurance.