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    Please note the Business and Law Examination is required for ALL Contractor licenses. Requires experience of five years for masters, two years or 3,400 hours for residential, and four years or 6,800 hours for journeymen. @HomePrep is a National Leader in online education. With over 100,000 satisfied students and a course catalog of over 1,000 classes, we are here to help you – Invest in Yourself.


    Colorado Plumbing Examination Materials:

    Starting June 1, 2023 the 2021 International Plumbing Code and 2021 International Residential Building Code will be utilized at the testing centers, The 2018 Codes will still be an option until September 1, 2023. As of September 2, 2023 the 2018 code will no longer be utilized.

    • 2018 International Residential Code
    • 2018 International Residential Tabs
    • 2018 International Plumbing Code
    • 2018 International Plumbing Codes Tabs
    • 2021 International Residential Code
    • 2021 International Residential Code Tabs
    • 2021 International Plumbing Code
    • 2021 International Plumbing Code Tabs
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Requirements To Complete

About This License

  • Plumbing contractor” means any person, firm, partnership, corporation, association, or other organization who undertakes or offers to undertake for another the planning, laying out, supervising, installing, or making of additions, alterations, and repairs in the installation of plumbing. In order to act as a plumbing contractor, the person, firm, partnership, corporation, association, or other organization must either be or employ full-time a master plumber.
  • Master plumber” means a person who has the necessary qualifications, training, experience, and technical knowledge to properly plan, lay out, and install and repair plumbing apparatus and equipment including the supervision of such in accordance with the standards, rules, and regulations established by the board.
  • Journeyman plumber” means any person other than a master plumber, residential plumber, or plumber’s apprentice who engages in or works at the actual installation, alteration, repair, and renovation of plumbing in accordance with the standards, rules, and regulations established by the board.
  • Residential plumber” means any person other than a master or journeyman plumber or plumbing apprentice who has the necessary qualifications, training, experience, and technical knowledge, as specified by the board, to install plumbing and equipment in one-, two-, three-, and four-family dwellings, which shall not extend more than two stories above ground

Requirements to Obtaining Your License

  • Pre-approval from the Colorado Examining Board of Plumbers is required to sit for examination.
  • Master Plumber’s must document five years of experience.
  • Journeyman Plumber’s must document four years or 6,800 hours of practical experience.
  • Residential Plumbers must verify two years or 3,400 hours of practical experience.

Applying For Your License

Applications for plumbing licensure can be obtained by contacting the Colorado state board by calling 1-303-894-7800.

  • Residential Plumber – $100
  • Journeyman Plumber – $120
  • Mater Plumber – $140

Exam Details

  • Prior to taking the exam, you will need to submit a license application along with the appropriate fee.
  • After you are approved, you will receive an examination packet.
  • The exam fee is $75. Exam fees must be paid at the time the reservation is made.
  • Residential and Journeyman plumber exams – 100 questions and a 4-hour time limit
  • Master plumber exam – 120 questions and a 4.5 hour time limit
  • A 70% is required to pass the exam
  • The exam is given by PSI

Books and References for the Exam

The following references are on the plumbing examinations. These references may be purchased from our online contractor’s bookstore or by calling 1-800-952-0910.

Please note that questions will come from the Fuel Gas Code. However, it is NOT permitted to be used during testing. Also, the test vendor will provide a copy of the Plumbing Code and the Rules and Regulations.

Exam Review Education

As of this time, we offer a full exam review that consists of highlighting guides, practices tests, and math review. To purchase the online course, please click the “Buy Now, Online Training” link below.

Continuing Education

There are no requirements for continuing education as of this time.

Reciprocity Agreement

Please contact the state directly for information on license by endorsement.

How It Works


Obtain pre-approval from the state (if applicable).


Purchase Exam Prep materials.


Schedule and pass your state exams.


Submit to the state your application, licensing fee, and proof of insurance.