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Carpentry 6th Edition by Leonard Koel

Carpentry has been thoroughly updated andexpanded in this new edition to reflect both the latest trends and acceptedpractices of the carpentry trade. This full-color text provides a comprehensiveoverview of tools, equipment, materials, and trade practices.

Great efforts have been made to update the content of the textbook whileretaining the approach, appeal, and aesthetics of our popular earlier edition.We asked our current users what they liked about the earlier edition and whatthey would change. New and expanded content areas reflect theses suggestions andinclude the following:

Safety practices and pertinent OSHA regulations
Scaffolds and aerial lifts
Updated tools and equipment including total stations
Engineered lumber and panels
Trade associations and organizations
Metal framing
Pneumatic and powder-actuated tools
The CD-ROM included with Carpentry contains information to supplementthe textbook including the following:

Quick Quizzes™ provide an interactive review of topics covered.
An Illustrated Glossary provides a helpful reference to key terms included in the text.
Master Math™ Problems provide formulas for interactive calculation and application of math-related concepts.
Media Clips provide a convenient link to selected video and animation clips that show fundamental procedures.
The Reference Material button accesses links to web sites that contain useful related manufacturer and reference information.
866 pages, hardcover, 1,376 illustrations!