Understanding and Servicing Alarm Systems


Alarm installers and technicians refer to the Understanding and Servicing Alarm Systems.


Product Details

Understanding and Servicing Alarm Systems, Third Edition has seen the alarm industry enter the computer age. With its coverage of microcomputerized controls, sophisticated detection devices, methods of alarm reporting, that second edition broke new ground. Now completely updated to reflect the security industry’s most high-tech advances, the third edition of Understanding and Servicing Alarm Systems, continues on the road of educating the alarm dealer, installer, and technician. 272 pp.Understanding and Servicing Alarm Systems, 3rd Edition – Table of Contents:

  • Part One: Basic Electricity
    • Test Equipment
  • Part Two: Kinds of Trouble
    • Types of Protective Loops
    • Seven Steps in Troubleshooting
    • Specific Troubleshooting Procedures
  • Part Three: Controls
    • Silent Alarms and Local Bells
    • Batteries and Power Supplies
  • Part Four: Advanced Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Part Five: A Day in the Life of An Alarm Serviceperson
    • Work Hazards
    • Dealing Effectively with Customers
  • Glossary