This Engineering Unlimited course bundle provides multiple PDH hours with content of varying topics that can be applied towards meeting continuing education requirements upon license renewal. With over 100,000 satisfied students and a course catalog of over 1,000 classes, we are here to help you – Invest in Yourself.

Unlimited Engineering PDH (Texas)


Accessibility and ADA (2 PDH)

Accessibility and ADA (4 PDH)

Advances in Hexavalent Chromium Removal (1 PDH)

Air Monitoring (1 PDH)

Air Sparging (1 PDH)

Air Water Flow in Hydraulic Structures (1 PDH)

Assembly for Directing Combustion Gas (1 PDH)

Assessment of Possible Cycle Lengths (2 PDH)

Balance Calibration (1 PDH)

Biosleeve Human Machine (1 PDH)

Blueprint Reading and Analysis (2 PDH)

Business and Management (8 PDH)

Cathodic Protection Systems for Civil Works Structures (2 PDH)

Code Updates for the 2009 IBC (2 PDH)

Code Updates for the 2009 IBC and 2009 IRC (3 PDH)

Code Updates for the 2012 IBC (2 PDH)

Code Updates for the 2015 IBC (2 PDH)

Code Updates for the 2015 IRC (2 PDH)

Comparison of Energy Production and Performance (1 PDH)

Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems (3 Hours)

Compressed Gas Safety (1 PDH)

Computational Design and Experimental Validation of New Thermal Barrier Systems (2 PDH)

Conceptual Site Models (1 PDH)

Concrete (1 PDH)

Control and Topographic Surveying (4 PDH)

Dredging and Dredged Material (2 PDH)

Earthquake Design and Evaluation (3 PDH)

Effect of Materials on the Autoignition of Cyclopentane (2 PDH)

Electrical Interior Facilities (1 PDH)

Electrical Safety (1 PDH)

Energy Efficiency (2 PDH)

Ergonomics (1 PDH)

Ethics (1 PDH)

Ethics (2 PDH)

Evaluation of Emerging Parallel Optical Link Technology High Energy Physics (1 PDH)

Facilities Engineering (4 PDH)

Flood Control Channels (2 PDH)

Fuel Gas Code Updates (1 PDH)

Fuel Gas, Mechanical, and Plumbing Code Updates (7 PDH)

Fusion Fuel Target Fabrication (1 PDH)

GeoSpatial Data and Systems (4 PDH)

Gerard Lallement to Structural Dynamics (1 PDH)

Guideline for Bolted Joint Design (1 PDH)

Hazardous Waste Sites (1 PDH)

Heat Pipe Transient Response Approximation (1 PDH)

High-Energy and Thermal-Neutron Imaging (1 PDH)

Human Mars Lander Design for NASA's Evolvable Mars (1 PDH)

Hydrographic Surveying (1 PDH)

In Situ, Airborne Instrumentation (2 PDH)

IN-SITU Air Sparging (1 PDH)

Inland Navigational Chart (1 PDH)

Integrated System Simulation in X-ray (1 PDH)

Landfill Gas Collection and Treatment Systems (1 PDH)

Lead Abatement (2 PDH)

Lead Sampling (2 PDH)

Mechanical and Electrical Design for Lock and Dam Operating Equipment (1 PDH)

Mechanical Characterization of Nodular Ductile Iron (1 PDH)

Movement on Stairs During Building Evacuations (1 PDH)

Multi-Unit Operations in Non-Nuclear Systems (1 PDH)

Multiphase Nano-Composite Coatings for Achieving Energy (3 PDH)

Multiplexed Gas Spectroscopy (1 PDH)

Multispectral Thermal Imager - Overview (1 PDH)

National Electrical Code Update 2014 NEC (4 PDH)

Course Overview

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Approval Info

Each state has different continuing education requirements and it is important to check with your local licensing authority to verify what is needed. Participants should keep copies of their completion certificates for their personal records as well.

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