Georgia Contractors License Guide

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How To Get Your Contractors License In Georgia

Work in Georgia’s construction industry? If so, now is the time to optimize your career opportunities with a Georgia Contractors License.  That’s because the Georgia State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors require general contractors to be licensed for work over $2,500. 

Once licensed, not only are you compliant with the state; you’ll be able to bid on bigger and more complex projects that allow you to make more money.  This increases your career opportunities and provides a more consistent income.

 Every state sets forth different  licensing requirements and processes for obtaining a contractor’s license. That’s why we’ve created this guide. To become a licensed contractor in Georgia, applicants must get pre-approval from NASCLA before sitting for the state contractors exam. 

After your approval from NASCLA, applicants must pass2 exams: 

  • Business and Law
  • Construction Exam (Residential, Residential Light Commercial, General Contractor). 
  • For Conditioned Air, Electrical, and Plumbing, you will only be required to pass one exam (combined business and law/trade)

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License RequirementsContractors License Requirements

Per the state of Georgia, certain eligibility requirements must be met to apply for licensure. These include:

Contractor ToolsWhich License Is Right For You?

You will also need to decide which license you need. This will be based on the scope of work you want to do. 

  1. Residential-Basic Contractor – Performs work relative to detached one-family and two-family residences and one-family townhouses not over three stories in height.
  2. Residential-Light Commercial Contractor – Performs work that is the same as residential-basic plus such contractor work or activity related to multifamily and multi-use light commercial buildings and structures
  3. General Contractor – Performs contractor services unlimited as to type of work contracted for, undertaken to perform, bid or proposed upon for residential or commercial properties. 
  4. General Contractor Limited Tier – Performs same work as General Contractor but  limited to contract amounts of $500,000 or less.

How ToSteps to Get Your License

Step 1  – Submit for approval

All applicants get approval from NASCLA by completing your application or you can contact the state of Georgia at 1-478-207-2440

Step 2 – Take Your Exam  

You can schedule your exam through PSI here.  

Step 3 –  Register your tax ID with the state. 

Once you’ve completed the exam and met the state requirements, it’s time to file your business with the state. File with the Georgia Department of Revenue

Step 4Meet bond and  insurance requirements: 

  • Residential-Basic Contractor: $300,000
  • General Contractor: $500,000
  • General Contractor-Limited Tier: $500,000
  • Residential-Light Commercial Contractor: $500,000
  • Georgia Contractor Licensing Bond of $20,000-25,000

Step 5 – Submit Application

Complete and submit the application, with the appropriate licensing authority for which you are applying.  You will also submit an application fee (this varies).

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