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  • Utah Plumber License (Master/Journeyman) Practice Tests


    In Utah, a state-approved apprenticeship program includes 8,000 hours of supervised work. As long as they complete the work in four years, the person may then test and apply for their Journeyman license. Residential Journeyman Plumber requires 6,000 hours in three years as part of an apprenticeship program. @HomePrep is a National Leader in online education. With over 100,000 satisfied students and a course catalog of over 1,000 classes, we are here to help you – Invest in Yourself.

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Requirements To Complete

About This License

Journeyman Plumber” means a person licensed under this chapter as a journeyman plumber having the qualifications, training, experience, and technical knowledge to engage in the plumbing trade.

Residential Journeyman Plumber” means a person licensed under this chapter as a residential journeyman plumber having the qualifications, training, and technical knowledge to engage in the plumbing trade as limited to the plumbing of residential buildings.

Plumbing trade” means the performance of any mechanical work pertaining to the installation, alteration, change, repair, removal, maintenance, or use in building or within three feet beyond the outside walls of buildings of pipes, fixtures and fittings for delivery of the water supply, discharge of liquid and water carried waste or the building drainage system within the walls of the building. It includes that work pertaining to the water supply, distribution pipes, fixtures, and fixture traps, the soil, waste and vent pipes, and the building drain and roof drains together with their devices, appurtenances, and connections where installed within the outside walls of the building.

Requirements to Obtaining Your License

  • To become a plumbing contractor, candidates must pass the Journeyman exam and the business and law exam.
  • Journeyman exam: you need four years of full-time apprentice training or eight years of full-time Division-approved work experience.
  • Must gain approval to take the exam by submitting an application to the State Licensing Board

Applying For Your License

$110 non-refundable to file an application for a license. The exam will cost you $110. Your first license is free and it's good for two years, expiring November 30th every other year.

Division of Occupational Professional Licensing
PO Box 146741
Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Exam Details

Journeyman Plumber Theory Examination

  • Open Book, 120 questions, 4 hours
  • Minimum score of 70%
  • Exams given by PSI: 800-733-9267
  • Topics include: General Knowledge, General Regulations, Plumbing Fixtures, Water Supply Systems, Drainage, Waste and Sanitary Vents, Indirect Waste, Roof Drain Piping, Specialty Plumbing, Isometric Analysis, Septic Tank Systems, Fuel Gas

Journeyman Plumber Practical Examination

  • 3 projects, 3.5 hours to complete, 70% is required to pass.
  • The Journeyman Plumber practical examination consists of three parts: a copper brazing project; a plastic (PVC Schedule 40) assembly project; and a copper assembly project.
  • Copper Brazing = 34 points
  • Plastic Assembly = 33 points
  • Copper Assembly = 33 points
  • Candidates should bring Torches, tape measure, tubing cutter (copper and PVC schedule 40), reamer, level with 45 degree reading, framing or carpenter's square, tools to perform copper and plastic pipe assemblies, bricks to support work, and safety glasses.

Books and References for the Exam

References allowed at the test center for Theory exam:

  • 2015 International Fuel Gas Code
  • 2015 International Mechanical Code
  • 2015 International Plumbing Code
  • OSHA 1926
  • Utah Amendments to the 2015 IPC, IMC, and IFG Code (download here)
  • Utah Water Quality, Title R317-4, Onsite Wastewater Systems (download here)

References used to create the exam but not allowed at the test center:

  • IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook
  • Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters, Sixth Edition, 2004
  • Management of Construction Projects: A Constructor's Perspective

Exam Review Education

As of this time, we have practice available that covers the code book. All questions randomly generate to simulate that testing experience.

Continuing Education

12 Hours of continuing education during each renewal period. We offer this online.

Reciprocity Agreement

Limited Agreements exits with Alaska,Minnesota,South Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Nebraska.

How It Works


Obtain pre-approval from the state (if applicable).


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Submit to the state your application, licensing fee, and proof of insurance.