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Student’s enrolled in the Exam Review will receive the following items: Home Study Manual, Audio/Video Lectures, and Practice Exams. Please click product details for additional info.


Product Details

About This License

(a) A lathing and plastering contractor coats surfaces with a mixture of sand, gypsum plaster, quick-lime or hydrated lime and water, or sand and cement and water, or a combination of such other materials that create a permanent surface coating, including coatings for the purpose of soundproofing and fireproofing. These coatings are applied with a plasterer’s trowel or sprayed over any surface which offers a mechanical means for the support of such coating, and will adhere by suction. This contractor also installs lath (including metal studs) or any other material prepared or manufactured to provide a base or bond for such coating.

(b) A lathing and plastering contractor also applies and affixes wood and metal lath, or any other material prepared or manufactured to provide key or suction bases for the support of plaster coatings. This classification includes the channel work and metal studs for the support of metal or any other lathing material and for solid plaster partitions.

(c) Effective January 1, 1998, or as soon thereafter as administratively feasible, all C-26 licensees will be merged into the C-35 Lathing and Plastering classification. On and after January 1, 1998, no application for the C-26 classification will be accepted and no new C-26 Lathing licenses will be issued.

Course Materials

Student’s enrolled in the Exam Review will receive:

  • Plastering (“C-35”) Manual
  • Audio/Video Lectures:
    • Math Review
    • Plastering (C-35)
    • Health and Safety
  • Lathing and Plastering Practice Exams:
    • C-35 Test 1
    • C-35 Test 2
    • C-35 Test 3
    • C-35 Update
  • C-35 Lathing and Plastering Contractor’s Computer-Assisted Practice Tests

General Information

The Plastering Manual briefly covers the major topics of the State exam including Plaster Materials, Mixing Plaster, Applying Plaster, and Estimating Plastering Materials. The manual also contains summaries of the Uniform Building Code and a Lathing Supplement. The last section of the Plastering Manual covers the Health and Safety Orders.

The Math Review Lecture covers the math formulas in the first part of the Plastering manual. The Plastering lecture covers the topics addressed in the manual specific to the C-35 trade exam. The Health and Safety Lecture covers the Health and Safety Orders at the end of the Plastering manual.

Please be sure that your students study all of the practice exams. It is important to read and understand each question, and read every word of the explanations. It is necessary to learn the principles behind the question because the State’s questions may be worded differently.

The C-35 Lathing and Plastering Contractor’s Computer-Assisted Practice Tests are supplied on a computer disk which will load a software program on the student’s computer. The program presents questions one at a time, automatically scores the exam, presents the student with a grade, and lists each question answered incorrectly along with the correct answer.alth and Safety Orders and Concrete Review Questions.

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