Tennessee Mechanical HVAC/Refrigeration Contractor License (TN CMC-C) Guide to Online Exam Prep

 Tennessee Mechanical HVAC/Refrigeration Contractor guide to online exam prep   Do you know that a HVAC/Refrigeration contractor license is required in Tennessee for projects that exceed $25,000? A licensed HVAC/Refrigeration (CMC-C) contractor in Tennessee installs and performs maintenance on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, gas piping, and geothermal HVAC equipment. The CMC-C license is required for candidates who need to pull permits for projects limited to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Getting Your Tennessee Mechanical HVAC/Refrigeration Contractor License (TN CMC-C)

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance website provides resources and information for obtaining a Tennessee Mechanical HVAC/Refrigeration Contractor License (TN CMC-C). On their “How to Become a Licensed Contractor” page, you will find a Contractor’s License Application Package with links to many valuable resources. When you’re ready to apply for your license, go to: https://core.tn.gov/. You’ll create an account and fill out your application there. The ‘Online Application Forms Resource PDF” shows the supporting documents you need to attach to your application. However, before you can apply, you must take and pass two exams.


Business and Law

All contractors are required to take the Business and Law exam as well as the trade exam for their license. Topics on the Business and Law exam include: Licensing Requirements, Estimating and Bidding, Business Organization and Financial Management,Tax Laws, Labor Laws, and Project Management and Lien Laws, Contracts, Risk Management, Environmental and Safety. The exam is open book and you may bring the following resources to your exam: You have 140 minutes to complete the 50 question test.

Mechanical HVAC/Refrigeration Contractor License (TN CMC-C)

The test for  HVAC/Refrigeration (CMC-C) contractors consists of 100 questions. Topics covered on the exam are electrical knowledge, motors and controls, piping (refrigeration, hydronic, steam, and process), heating and cooling principles and theory, heating and cooling equipment and components, refrigerants and refrigeration, fuel and LP gas, combustion air, chimneys, flues and vents, ducts, ventilation and exhaust, plumbing, load calculation, fire sprinkler, fire and smoke protection, and safety. Like the Business and Law exam, this exam is open book. You are allowed to use permanent commercial tabs to mark your reference materials, but you may not use homemade tabs, post-it notes, or the like.  You also may not write in your books during the test.  The following reference materials are allowed in the examination center and can be purchased from our extensive bookstore.
  • International Mechanical Code, 2012, International Code Council
  • Manual J – Residential Load Calcs, reprinted 2016, Eighth Full Edition, Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA),
  • International Fuel Gas Code, 2012, International Code Council, 
  • Pipefitters Handbook, Forrest R. Lindsey, 1967, 3rd Edition,
  • ModernRefrigerationandAirConditioning,Althouse, Turnquist, Bracciano, 20th, or 21st edition, 
  • An air duct sizing calculator wheel, slide or similar device
  • HVAC Duct Construction Standards, Metal and Flexible, 2005, 3rd edition,
  • Ugly’sElectricalReferences,GeorgeV.Hart,2011,2014or 2020, 
  • Carrier System Design Manual Part 3 – Piping Design, Carrier Air Conditioning Company, (800) 227-7437, 
  • Code of Federal Regulations-29CFRPart1926(OSHA), with latest available amendments 
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Online Courses for Exam Prep

In order to provide licensing exam prep courses in Tennessee, educational institutions must be licensed with the Board for Licensing Contractors as a Pre-Licensing Contractor Exam Provider before offering workshops or exam prep courses online. @HomePrep, a division of Stautzenberger College, is recognized as an Approved Pre-Licensed Exam Course Provider (Provider License #: 1) by the Board for Licensing Contractors, so you can enroll with confidence! Using online courses for exam prep couldn’t be easier or more convenient for Tennessee Contractor License students.  

Exam Prep Courses for Tennessee Mechanical HVAC/Refrigeration Contractor License (TN CMC-C)

Tennessee Business And Law Exam

This business and law exam prep includes the following:
  • Practice Exams
  • Math and Calculations
  • Study Tips
  • Licensing Information
  • Instructor Support
The Tennessee Business and Law Exam Prep course is made up of a detailed presentation that takes you through all the information you will need to pass the exam on your first try. Topics in our online course include bidding and estimating, contract management, liens, tax basics, insurance bonding, scheduling and project management, employee relations, financial management and more.

Tennessee Mechanical HVAC/Refrigeration Contractor License (TN CMC-C)

The Mechanical HVAC/Refrigeration (CMC-C) Exam Review includes the following:
  • Highlighting Guides
  • Practice Exams
  • Math and Calculations
  • Study Tips
  • Licensing Information
  • Instructor Support
The program takes you through each one of the reference books that the exam is based on showing you exactly what to highlight. After your highlighting is completed with each book, you have the option to take an online practice test to reinforce concepts presented. Includes an extensive math and plans analysis portion

Tips to Use Online Courses Effectively 

Online exam prep courses are the answer to a busy life. The convenience of studying on your own time, at your own pace, and from wherever you choose can’t be beat. Once you purchase your course, you can start any time.

Here are a few study tip to help you succeed:

  • Set up a realistic schedule – with two exams you don’t want to rush yourself.
  • Prepare a quiet study space – most people study their best in a quiet environment, or perhaps with a little background music
  • Do your best to minimize stress. Be sure you’re getting enough rest and exercise and are eating well.
  • Take breaks. Take your prep seriously, but be sure that you have time for other things you enjoy.

Other Requirements for Obtaining Your License

When you submit your application, you will need to provide a copy of your Certificate of Good Standing from the Department of State, a financial Statement and supporting documents, your surety bond, a copy of your liability insurance policy, your workers’ compensation insurance policy (if needed) and your Tennessee Qualifying Person certificate (if needed.)  Once the application is complete, you can submit it along with the application fee. The Board will review your application and documentation to determine if you are qualified for a license. This process usually takes 4-6 weeks. (See Licensing Steps.) @HomePrep is accredited by over 115 state boards. Trusted for over 27 years by contractors nationwide, we have more experience than any other provider. We are proud to be a leader in the e-learning industry, continuously offering high quality education to our vast community of professional learners. Keep yourself competitive within your field by allowing us to provide your exam prep courses. Get started today by selecting your state to find the right course for you! Or visit our extensive Bookstore to find the materials you need to pass your upcoming exam.  
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