Tennessee Mechanical Plumbing Contractor’s Guide to Using Online Courses for Exam Prep

Tennessee Mechanical Plumbing Contractor's Guide to Using Online Courses for Exam Prep   Do you know that a plumbing contractor license is required in Tennessee for projects that exceed $25,000? A Tennessee Mechanical Plumbing Contractor can perform all aspects of plumbing, utility connections, irrigation systems, as well as gas piping to water heaters, laundry equipment, kitchen equipment, gas grills, and swimming pool heaters.

Getting Your Tennessee Mechanical Plumbing Contractor License (TN CMC-A)

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance website provides resources and information about obtaining a Tennessee Electrical Contractor License (TN CE). To get your Tennessee Mechanical Plumbing Contractor License, you must first pass the Business and Law exam and your trade exam with a score of 73% or higher. 


Plumbers must be pre-approved before taking the exam. You can request approval using the Exam Approval Request form and provide proof of three years experience Upon approval, you can then schedule for the exam.

Exam Details

Topics on the exam include general knowledge and math; general requirements pertaining to administration, structural, backflow, materials and supports, joints and connections, storm drains, testing; water supply and distribution; fixtures including water heaters; drain, waste, and vent systems including indirect and special waste; traps, cleanouts, and interceptors; isometric analysis; gas appliances and piping; and OSHA safety.
  • The testing company is PSI (1-800-733-9267)
  • 110 questions and a 295 minute time limit
  • 73% is required to pass the exam
The following references are permitted to be taken into the examination. These references may be tabbed (with a permanent index tab) and highlighted. They are available for purchase from our online contractor’s  bookstore or by calling our office at 1-800-952-0910.
  • 2012 International Plumbing Code
  • 2012 International Fuel Gas Code
  • OSHA Code of Federal Regulations Part 1926
  • Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters

Using Online Course for Exam Prep

Tennessee regulates schools providing licensing exam prep courses. They must be licensed with the Board for Licensing Contractors as a Pre-Licensing Contractor Exam Provider before offering prep courses online or workshops.  You can rest assured that your course from @HomePrep, a division of Stautzenberger College, is recognized as an Approved Pre-Licensed Exam Course Provider (Provider License #: 1) by the Board for Licensing Contractors. Using online courses for exam prep couldn’t be easier or more convenient for Tennessee Plumbing Contractor License students.  The Tennessee Mechanical Plumbing Contractor License (TN CMC-A) has everything you need to be ready for your exam. This course covers information regarding the National Electrical Code and other material used for your state exam. The Tennessee Exam Review includes the following:
  • Highlighting Guides
  • Practice Exams
  • Math and Calculations
  • Study Tips
  • Licensing Information
The Tennessee Business and Law Exam Prep course is made up of a detailed presentation that takes you through all the information you will need to pass the exam on your first try. Topics in our online course include bidding and estimating, contract management, liens, tax basics, insurance bonding, scheduling and project management, employee relations, financial management and more.

Tips to Use Online Courses Effectively 

Online exam prep courses are the answer to a busy life. The convenience of studying at your own time and place can’t be overstated. Once you purchase your course, start any time. Here are study tips to help you succeed:
  • Prepare a quiet study space – most people study their best in a quiet environment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play some tunes if that helps you get in the groove
  • Set up a realistic schedule – with two exams you don’t want to rush yourself.
  • Self-Care: eat, sleep, and exercise – if you’re exhausted, stressed, and not eating well, your brain will not function optimally
  • Take breaks. Take your prep seriously, but be sure that you have time for other things you enjoy.

Other Requirements for Obtaining Your License

When you submit your application, you will need to provide a copy of your Certificate of Good Standing from the Department of State, a financial Statement and supporting documents, your surety bond, a copy of your liability insurance policy, your workers’ compensation insurance policy and your Tennessee Qualifying Person certificate.  Once the application is complete, you can submit it along with the application fee. The Board will review your application and documentation to determine if you are qualified for a license. This process usually takes 4-6 weeks. (See Licensing Steps.) @HomePrep has helped over 350,000 people launch their career and grow in their profession. You can be next! Get started today by selecting your state to find the right course for you! Or visit our extensive Bookstore to find the materials you need to pass your upcoming exam.  

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