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  • Principles and Practices of Commercial Construction, 10th Ed


    For courses in commercial construction.

    A practical, well-rounded approach to modern construction principles and practices
    Principles and Practices of Commercial Construction teaches students how to apply design theory to the construction process, providing crucial working knowledge for contractors managing subcontractors. Progressing from basic to advanced material, the text appears on the approved reference list for numerous states requiring contractors to pass licensing exams. Its flexible organization gives instructors the option of teaching ea…

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  • Handling and Erection of Steel Joist and Joist Girders


    Handling and Erection of Steel Joists and Joist Girders contains a thorough coverage of handling and erection procedures, including definitions of the various products, and a description of the preparing, tagging and loading of the joists at the manufacturer’s plant.

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  • Manual of Construction with Steel Deck


    Manual of Construction with Steel Deck reviews good practice in Steel Deck Construction and serves as a safety primer for Contractors, Erectors, Architects, Engineers and Inspectors who are responsible for safe and proper field installation of steel deck.

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  • 2012 Study Guide for Structural Steel


    Description coming soon…

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  • Code Check Commerical


    For the first time, Code Check has created a guide to commercial inspections, including building types, setbacks, fire separation, egress, soils, concrete, glazing, fire protection, plumbing, commercial kitchens, water heaters, electrical safety, switchge

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  • Code Check complete 2nd edition


    Want all of the latest building, plumbing, HVAC and electrical code information at your fingertips? They’re all included in Code Check Complete 2nd edition. Finding code facts is a cinch with the easy-to-access, crystal-clear, illustrated format that make

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  • BNi General Construction Costbook 2021 Edition


    The most comprehensive and accurate cost coverage for all aspects of construction.

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  • Olins Construction Principles, Materials, and Methods, 9th


    Olin’s Construction: Principles, Materials, and Methods For more than fifty years, Olin’s Construction has been the cornerstone reference in the field for architecture and construction professionals and students. This new edition is an invaluable resource that will provide in-depth coverage for decades to come.

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  • Ironworking Level 2 Trainee Guide, Paperback


    Identifies and explains weld joints, weld positions, and open V-butt welds. Describes how to prepare arc welding equipment and how to make flat welds, horizontal welds, vertical welds, and overhead welds.

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  • Markup and Profit: A Contractor’s Guide


    To succeed in a construction business, you have to price your jobs to cover all labor, material and overhead expenses, and make a decent profit. The problem is knowing what markup to use. You don’t want to lose jobs because you charge too much, and you don’t want to work for free because you’ve charged too little. If you know how to calculate markup, you can apply it to your job costs to find the right sales price for your work. This book gives you tried and tested formulas, with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow examples, so you ca…

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  • Sheet Metal


    This updated edition of a classic American Tech textbook provides an introduction to the fundamentals of layout, cutting, forming, and fabrication of sheet metal. It can serve as a useful training tool and reference for students, apprentices, and technicians in the trade. While the tools and technology in the sheet metal trade continue to evolve, basic principles that are fundamental to working with sheet metal remain. Sheet Metal presents basic metalworking principles and builds on this knowledge throughout the book.

    The text is written concise…

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  • Ironworking Level 3 Trainee Guide, Paperback


    Introduces welding and nondestructive testing codes and specifications that govern welding. Identifies the different types of weld imperfections and the nondestructive testing methods used to identify these imperfections.

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  • Employee Safety Handbook: General Industry


    Mancomm’s Employee Safety Handbooks provide awareness-level information across several safety and health-related topic areas pertinent to general industry and construction workplaces. The goal is providing an easy-to-read reference guide for all employees to enhance their understanding of safety principles, specific rules, potential workplace hazards, and accident prevention techniques that may be used throughout their workday or when confronted by potential dangers.

    The handbooks will help to reinforce your workforce in safety training (and re-trainin…

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  • Significant Changes to the International Plumbing Code/International Mechanical/International Fuel Gas 2015 Edition


    Tackle the latest version of codes that the entire plumbing and HVACR industry’s code officials, designers, and installers use every day with this valuable new resource. Designed to provide detailed insight into the updates that have been made to the 2015 editions of the International Plumbing, Mechanical, and Fuel Gas Codes®, this book goes one step further by delving into the rationale of why such changes were needed. Code changes are also presented with a focus on real-world application through examples, providing readers with the practical knowledge need…

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  • The NRCA Waterproofing Manual – 2nd edition


    Stay abreast of the latest changes concerning the design and installation of quality waterproofing assemblies with The NRCA Waterproofing Manual—2nd Edition.

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  • Fall Protection: Complete OSHA Regulation, January 2019 Edition


    Updated Through January 2019 – Includes updates to walking/working surfaces

    Fall protection standards are tightening for homebuilders nationwide, and the key to meeting these tight compliance deadlines lies in a firm commitment to fall protection safety training. Of course, residential construction isn’t the only industry that requires this training. It is needed wherever workers must be protected from fall-related accidents.

    To protect your workers and stay compliant with OSHA, Mancomm offers the biggest, most revolutionary developmen…

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  • Employee Safety Handbook: Construction


    Mancomm’s Employee Safety Training Handbooks provide awareness-level information across several safety and health-related topic areas pertinent to general industry and construction workplaces. The goal is providing an easy-to-read reference guide for all employees to enhance their understanding of safety principles, specific rules, potential workplace hazards, and accident prevention techniques that may be used throughout their workday or when confronted by potential dangers.

    The handbooks will help to reinforce your workforce in safety training (and r…

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  • RCA: Basic Principles for Construction, 4th Ed


    Featuring a full color design with a wide range of photos and figures that reflect today’s construction practices, this Fourth Edition has been updated throughout to ensure that students stay current with industry standards and trends.

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  • BNI Facilities Managers Costbook 2021


    The 2021 BNi Facilities Manager’s Costbook is the first place to turn, whether you’re preparing a preliminary estimate, evaluating a contractor’s bid, or submitting a formal budget proposal.

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  • Residential Construction Academy: Basic Principles for Construct


    RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY: BASIC PRINCIPLES FOR CONSTRUCTION, 3E includes a full color design with new and updated photos and figures. Coverage of building codes and safe materials handling ensures that the reader will stay current with industry standards and trends. In addition, a new chapter on green building practices will introduce readers to jobsite practices while they plan and execute. This book is ideal for those beginning a career in the building trades industry and provides thorough, up-to-date coverage of the core academic areas that are neces…

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  • Build Smarter with Alternative Materials


    New building products are coming out almost every week. Some of them may become new standards, as sheetrock replaced lath and plaster some years ago. Others are little more than a gimmick.

    To write this manual, the author researched hundreds of product

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  • Building Automation Control Devices and Applications


    A building automation system is a network of “intelligent” control devices used in one or more building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and security systems. Building automation systems operate cooperatively to share building information and control system devices automatically according to programmed logic.

    Building Automation Control Devices and Applications focuses on these control devices. This textbook covers the operation, signals, and functions of these sensors, actuators, and other control equipment used in automated systems in commercial bu…

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  • General Industry Fieldbook


    This convenient guide contains all the most frequently referenced OSHA general industry regulations. Use the General Industry Fieldbook for training, everyday guidance, and quick compliance reviews. Half the book is written in English with each paragraph numbered. Flip the book over and those same numbered paragraphs are translated into Spanish, making it easier than ever to communicate with every worker in your facility. This book makes looking up OSHA general industry regulations easier than ever before. Every safety committee member and supervisor should rec…

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  • Significant Changes to the International Fire Code, 2009 edition


    Significant Changes to the 2009 International Fire Code is a comprehensive analysis of the changes to the 2009 International Fire Code (IFC) that are significant to design professionals, code officials, and the regulated communities. Updates to the code cover a broad range of subjects, including construction requirements for ambulatory health care occupancies, emergency responder radio coverage, fire protection system requirements for educational occupancies, fire service access elevators, building means of egress, hazardous materials such as silane and the use…

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  • RCA: Facilities Maintenance, 2nd edition


    Developing an understanding of the facilities maintenance industry has been made easier with this unique texts clear, step-by-step illustrations and easy-to read writing style that will start you on the path toward a successful career in the field. RCA: FACILITIES MAINTENANCE, 2e focuses on preparing you to successfully master the critical tasks involved in becoming a residential facilities worker. Using a straightforward approach to maintenance, repair, and replacement, common maintenance tasks in the areas of carpentry, wiring, grounds keeping, appliance repa…

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  • Practical Problems in Mathematics for Carpenters, 9th edition


    Take command of any building and carpentry project with the robust, construction-specific math skills you will get from the 9th Edition of PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR CARPENTERS. Divided into short units, this combination book/workbook explains the math principles essential to carpentry and building construction in straightforward, concise language, and then reinforces each concept with samples of problems common in the trade. Step-by-step solutions to the problems, as well as detailed illustrations, help you easily understand the math, visualize its …

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  • Green Building: Principles and Practices i Residential Construct


    GREEN BUILDING: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES IN RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION provides a current, comprehensive guide to this exciting, emerging field. From core concepts to innovative applications of cutting-edge technology and the latest industry trends, this text offers an in-depth introduction to the construction of “green” homes. Unlike many texts that adopt a product-oriented approach, this book emphasizes the crucial planning, processes, and execution methods necessary for effective, environmentally sound construction. This text demonstrates that Eart…

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  • Building Code Basics: Energy: Based on the International Energy


    As energy conservation continues to become an increasingly important factor in building construction, BUILDING CODE BASICS: ENERGY is a book that is more relevant and more valuable than ever before. Designed to provide a straightforward, easy-to-read guide to the International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC®), it fills an informational gap that exists between the code itself and the tactical reference information needed to properly apply it in a real-world setting. This book provides solid, working information on critical energy code applications for residen…

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  • Electrical Studies for Trades. 5th ed


    Packed with real-world examples, vivid illustrations, and the latest developments from the field, ELECTRICAL STUDIES FOR TRADES, 5th EDITION is ideal for current and future service technicians in air conditioning and refrigeration, construction, and facilities management–and anyone else who needs a practical knowledge of electricity. Extremely reader-friendly, the book begins with an overview of basic electricity concepts–rather than complex mathematical calculations. From here, you proceed directly to “must-know” information, including …

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  • BNI Construction Dictionary: Pocket Edition


    This handy reference fits perfectly in your pocket and yet offers extensive coverage of construction terms. If you’re looking for a good construction dictionary that’s portable, this is it!

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  • Construction Fieldbook


    This is the handiest construction compliance book you will ever use. The Construction Fieldbook includes all the most frequently referenced OSHA construction regulations, so you’ll be able to answer on-the-job questions quickly and easily. Plus, this book is written in the most user-friendly format available. Half of the book is written in English with each paragraph numbered. Flip the book over and those same numbered paragraphs are translated into Spanish, making it easy to communicate with all the workers on your jobsite. It has never been easier to lo…

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