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  • Trane Air Conditioning Manual


    Please note – This book is no longer in print and is not available. A comprehensive textbook, initially published in the 1930’s, on the fundamentals of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC). The audience is broad and has historically included students, HVAC system designers, installing contractors, architects, system operators, and service technicians.

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  • Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, 21st Edition


    Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is the HVACR standard for a new generation of learner. It correlates to HVAC Excellence and PAHRA accreditation requirements to ensure complete coverage that prepares students for career success.

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    Develop the knowledge and skills you need to maintain and troubleshoot today’s complex heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems with REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING TECHNOLOGY, 8th Edition. This practical, easy-to-understand book provides hands-on guidance, practical applications, and the solid foundation you need to fully understand today’s HVAC

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  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology 9th Edition


    Equip your students with the knowledge and skills to maintain and troubleshoot complex heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems with REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING TECHNOLOGY, Ninth Edition.

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  • Trane Ductulator


    The Trane Ductulator is a handheld rotating calculator used for sizing supply and return duct systems using the equal friction design method.

    See the full description below.

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  • Carrier System Design Manuals 1-3 (Set)


    Carrier System Design Manuals these books are also available to be purchased individually. The price per book is $20.00.

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  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Troubleshooting Handbook


    This comprehensive text covers both electric and electronic controls in one book in depth.

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  • Energy Systems Analysis and Management – SMACNA


    Presents an updated level of technical information necessary for energy conservation and retrofits of today’s commercial facilities. This new manual provides building owners, facility managers, contractors, and system…

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  • NFPA 90A: Standard for the Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems, 2015 Edit.ion


    The 2015 NFPA 90A: Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems is essential for providing adequate fire protection in today’s buildings.

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  • Carrier System Design Manual, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 tab pack.


    Pre-printed tabs for the Carrier System Design Manual Package.

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  • HVAC Basics for Contractors 3rd edition

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  • Code Check complete 2nd edition


    Want all of the latest building, plumbing, HVAC and electrical code information at your fingertips? They’re all included in Code Check Complete 2nd edition. Finding code facts is a cinch with the easy-to-access, crystal-clear, illustrated format that make

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  • Manual CS – Commercial Application, Systems, and Equipment


    Manual CS covers the fundamentals of system design and equipment selection for office buildings, apartments, schools, restaurants, arenas, gyms, malls, arcades, motels, theaters and other small and mid-size commercial structures. It discusses the considerations—comfort, air quality, and operating costs—that go into a preliminary design. Examples of the procedures and calculations turn concept into final design. (380 pages)

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  • Modern Hydronic Heating, For Residential and Light Commercial


    From simple applications to multi-load/multi-temperature systems, learn how to use the newest and most sophisticated hydronic heating materials and methods without sacrificing comfort or energy.

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  • NFPA 90B Installation of Warm Air Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems, 2015 Edition


    Protect people and property from fire, smoke and gases spreading through homes. Apply the latest edition of NFPA 90B.

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  • DeWalt HVAC Professional Reference, 1st Edition


    The DEWALT® HVAC Professional Reference provides comprehensive coverage of compressors, duct sizing, heat transmission conversion factors, temperature and pressure, fans, air velocities, refrigeration characteristics, thermostats, and much more. Compact but powerful, this handy pocket reference helps service technicians on the job.

    *the perfect “in-pocket” resource for installing, servicing, repairing, or troubleshooting an old or new heating system

    *the easy-to-use, quick-reference format makes finding formulas, data tables, and conv…

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  • NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection-2008


    Keep pace with the best strategies for reducing fire risks in public and private commercial kitchens. The 2008 NFPA 96 brings you up-to-code!

    Commercial cooking facilities demand special installation techniques and fire safety precautions. The 2008 NFPA 96: Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations is the definitive fire protection Standard for proper hood installation, exhaust duct systems, and fire extinguisher equipment. Requirements apply to both public and private facilities, so you’ll be prepared to work on…

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  • HVAC Control Systems, 4th ed


    HVAC Control Systems provides an introduction to HVAC fundamentals and an in-depth explanation of HVAC control systems.

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  • NFPA 91, Standard for Exhaust Systems for Air Conveying of Vapors, Gases, Mists -2015


    NFPA 91 2015 approved by the state as exam material.

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  • Smart Grid Home, 1st Edition


    Practical and reader-friendly, the SMART GRID HOME explains how you can adapt and retrofit an existing residence to take advantage of the energy and cost saving technology now available as part of the development of the Smart Grid. Topics covered include reducing home energy consumption by eliminating heat loss and heat transfer, reducing the power-on time of electronics and other power equipment without loss of convenience, automating home electrical systems to maximize energy conservation, evaluating electrical devices for energy efficiency, developing energy…

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  • RCA: Facilities Maintenance, 2nd edition


    Developing an understanding of the facilities maintenance industry has been made easier with this unique texts clear, step-by-step illustrations and easy-to read writing style that will start you on the path toward a successful career in the field. RCA: FACILITIES MAINTENANCE, 2e focuses on preparing you to successfully master the critical tasks involved in becoming a residential facilities worker. Using a straightforward approach to maintenance, repair, and replacement, common maintenance tasks in the areas of carpentry, wiring, grounds keeping, appliance repa…

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  • Electrical Studies for Trades. 5th ed


    Packed with real-world examples, vivid illustrations, and the latest developments from the field, ELECTRICAL STUDIES FOR TRADES, 5th EDITION is ideal for current and future service technicians in air conditioning and refrigeration, construction, and facilities management–and anyone else who needs a practical knowledge of electricity. Extremely reader-friendly, the book begins with an overview of basic electricity concepts–rather than complex mathematical calculations. From here, you proceed directly to “must-know” information, including …

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  • NFPA 91, Standard for Exhaust Systems for Air Conveying of Vapors, Gases, Mists – 2010


    Follow the 2010 NFPA 91 to prevent exhaust systems from spreading fire and increasing explosion risks.

    NFPA 91: Standard for Exhaust Systems for Air Conveying of Vapors, Gases, Mists, and Noncombustible Particulate Solids provides minimum requirements for the design, construction, installation, operation, testing, and maintenance of these systems except as modified or amplified by other applicable NFPA® standards.

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  • NFPA 90A: Standard for the Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems, 2012 Edit.ion


    Safeguard building occupants and contents with the latest HVAC guidance in the 2012 NFPA 90A!

    The up-to-date criteria in the newly revised 2012 <em>NFPA 90A: Standard for Installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilating Systems</em> cover every aspect of the construction, operation, and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilating systems, including filters, ducts, and related equipment to protect life and property from fire, smoke, and gases resulting from fire or conditions having manifestations similar to fire.

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  • NFPA 90B Installation of Warm Air Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems, 2009 Edition


    Install environmental systems for comfort and safety with the 2009 NFPA 90B!

    The 2009 NFPA 90B: Standard for the Installation of Warm Air Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems provides the most up-to-date guidelines to keep fire and smoke from spreading through indoor environmental systems in small buildings and 1- and 2-family dwellings. Rules cover construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of systems for warm air heating and air conditioning, including filters, ducts, and related equipment to protect life and property from fire, sm…

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