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Do I need Bloodborne Pathogens Training?

Bloodborne pathogens training is important for any professional that comes into contact with blood or other bodily fluids at work. While this applies to many careers in healthcare, it also applies to professionals who tattoo, apply permanent makeup, and perform body piercings or microblading. Not only is bloodborne pathogens training vital to your personal health and that of your clients, it’s also the information you need to guarantee that your shop is clean and you are using best practices in every way.

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Introducing Our New Safety Course Suite!

Workplace safety is an important part of a healthy, happy, and productive work force, no matter what sort of environment the work is done in. From a heavy industrial setting where workers are in contact with machinery and tools to an office space where workers sit at desks using computers, different tasks require safety procedures and OSHA has specific regulations as well. @ Home Prep understands how difficult it can be for an employer or HR department to manage the training needs of a large staff. Our collection of OSHA and Safety Training courses are designed to be the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to get your team the training they need and remain OSHA compliant.

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California Electrical Continuing Education: Partnering with At Home Prep

At Home Prep has been providing electrical education since 1981, and we understand the continuing education an electrician needs in order to maintain certification in California. Whether you are a California employer, trade association, electrical contractor or retailer, it makes practical and financial sense to partner with At Home Prep.

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Electrical Licenses in Colorado Expire Sept 30! Get Your Comprehensive Code Update Today

Colorado electricians have until September 30 to complete your required Personal Development Units in order to renew licenses. For the renewal period beginning October 1, 2017 and ending September 30, 2020, the requirements will be changing. New laws in Colorado will remove the Continuing Competency exam completely and require all electricians to earn 24 PDUs every renewal period (three years).

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@ Home Prep Partners With Pearson Vue For Expanded Courses

Through an exciting new partnership with Pearson Vue, we have dramatically expanded our course offering! We now offer programs in the areas of advanced manufacturing, business and professional, healthcare, IT and software development, project management and quality, and workplace readiness.

    • Advanced Manufacturing Courses– Our new course offerings in advanced manufacturing cover electrical training, blueprint reading, HVAC, programmable logic controls, and more.
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Now Offering Texas Alcohol Seller Continuing Education

@ Home Prep now offers continuing education needed to keep TABC certification. In Texas, servers and sellers of alcohol are required to complete a continuing education course every two years, with course topics set by the state. The topics include things like the definition of intoxication, the laws specific to intoxicated persons, minors, and proper identification, monitoring customer behavior, and more. After taking the course, servers are required to pass a test. Texas doesn’t require a set number of hours for continuing education, but our course can be completed in about 2 hours.

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Tennessee Water Operator Licenses Expire Sept 30

If you need a water operator license in Tennessee, make sure that you have your required continuing education complete by Sept 30. License periods are every year beginning on October 1, and water operators in Tennessee are required to earn either six or twelve hours of continuing education in that period of time, depending on the level of your license.

Don’t panic! If you have not yet completed your education, it’s not too late to complete twelve hours of continuing education. Register today and access our course at your own pace, on your time, on a smartphone or tablet.

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Taking Your CEU’s Online

CEUs (Continued Education Units) are an incredibly important part of many professions. They are often required to maintain certification or professional license designations, and can greatly increase chances for upward movement in many careers.

In the past, CEUs could only be completed via seminars or training programs, which often involved travel or time away from work. Thanks to modern technology, there are so many more options for CEUs today.

As a leading provider of online CEUs and licensing, we offer self-paced training for multiple industries in almost every state. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about taking CEUs online:

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Why Take the @Home Prep Texas Electrician Continuing Education Course?

All online courses are different. Every company writes their own material and presents it differently. Our course is:

  1. Professionally written. We cover the codebook but our professionals write the commentary. We know you want to understand the latest rules and concepts. The @Home Prep Texas Electrician Continuing Education course presents material relevant to you written by professionals.
  2. Fully narrated by a professional reader. When you are listening to a course for four hours, we feel you deserve a professional reader and we think you absorb the material better by both hearing and seeing the material.
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Is it time to take your Wisconsin Cosmetology Continuing Education course?

@HomePrep wants to know— Is it time to take your Wisconsin Cosmetology Continuing Education course?

Our advertising is light, but our message is serious. Are you ready to renew your Wisconsin Cosmetology License? Don’t run the risk of not completing the continuing education requirement before your license expires. Our course is good for a year. That means you can take it a month before your license needs to be renewed or any time within 364 days before your license needs to be renewed.

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How to Prepare for Taking your Licensing Exam

You want to become a contractor. Now what? The following information is to help you through the necessary steps in order to assure a smooth transition as you become a licensed contractor in any trade.

First, are you becoming licensed with the correct license? Besides the trade you will need to decide if you will be preforming residential only, commercial only, or residential and commercial, restricted or unrestricted, etc.  The value of the projects you plan to build both per project and total for the year and the size of the project will help you determine many licenses.

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