California Electrical Continuing Education: Partnering with At Home Prep

At Home Prep has been providing electrical education since 1981, and we understand the continuing education an electrician needs in order to maintain certification in California. Whether you are a California employer, trade association, electrical contractor or retailer, it makes practical and financial sense to partner with At Home Prep.

We provide a hassle-free solution for electrical education in California. The over 90% success rate of our students can be attributed to our excellent support staff and the easy to understand format of our self-paced courses. Partnering with At Home Prep is a great value as well. Our courses are all reasonably priced and all-inclusive, meaning that you don’t have to pay more money for costly books or fees to complete the course. At Home Prep also offers volume pricing and revenue sharing, which can be a tremendous point of difference especially for small companies. We can set up a portal to our continuing education programs from your website and all you’ll need to do is direct your employees there. At Home Prep can help you keep your team educated and certified so that you can focus on the work that you do best.

We offer a selection of courses to help you get the education you need, starting at only $79. When changes to the code are made, you can count on At Home Prep to offer the most up to date continuing education available. From individuals seeking to recertify to employers with a whole team of electricians, At Home Prep makes it easy and affordable to keep up with electrical continuing education and the national electrical code. Spend less time worrying about how to educate your employees and more time on completing contracts you can be proud of with At Home Prep.