How Do I Prepare For A Contractors License in Florida?

Becoming a Licensed Contractor In Florida

If you’ve decided to become a licensed contractor in Florida, you’ve probably already researched how much work you can do in Florida without a contractor license and decided it’s much more profitable to get your statewide license. Of course, you will also need to determine which license you want to obtain: General Contractor Building Contractor Residential Contractor, or Roofing Contractor

Exams for Contractors License in Florida

In order to receive your license, you will need to pass two examinations: business and law, and an exam in your trade.

How To Prepare for Your Exams

No matter which exam you are sitting for, there is no question that passing the test is the most crucial part of the licensure process. Thanks to proper planning and preparation, our students walk in on exam day with the knowledge and test-taking methodology they need. Here are some of the tips we offer to find success on the first try:

Know The Material

It may seem obvious, but many people neglect studying enough since part of the exam is an open-book format. However, open-book doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s essential that you familiarize yourself with the book – it’s content and layout so that you can use it efficiently when needed.

Get Study Tips

Another common mistake people encounter is thinking they can tackle the material on their own. Having help means getting the tips that matter most such as what content to study, how to approach problem solving, and how to pace yourself on test day.

Practice Your Test Taking Skills

Like anything else in life, the more you practice the more likely you are to achieve success. With practice exams students have the opportunity to see questions and answers that mirror past exams. This helps students by giving them a taste of what they should expect on exam day, which also lessens general test-taking anxiety.

After The Exam

Once you’ve passed your exam, and provided you’ve met the other state-specific requirements, you can submit your application, licensing fee and proof of insurance to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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