How to Prepare for Taking your Licensing Exam

You want to become a contractor. Now what? The following information is to help you through the necessary steps in order to assure a smooth transition as you become a licensed contractor in any trade.

First, are you becoming licensed with the correct license? Besides the trade you will need to decide if you will be preforming residential only, commercial only, or residential and commercial, restricted or unrestricted, etc.  The value of the projects you plan to build both per project and total for the year and the size of the project will help you determine many licenses.

Second are you qualified to obtain your license? Each state has their own requirements that must be met prior to being licensed. Such as years of experience, good credit scores, minimum net worth, no judgments, etc.

Third; where do you go to apply for the exam? Some states require you to apply to take the exam you will need to contact the testing agency to see if you need to apply first or if you can just schedule the exam.

You can find answers to these questions and links to the states websites at  here you can check which license will best fit you.

Fourth you will need to study for your exam and that requires the correct study material. Many states have open book exams so you will want to obtain all the study material they will be testing over to assure you have all the resources needed when you sit to take your exam. Also, you may tab your study material with permanent tabs, these are tabs that cannot be removed without tearing your page. You may also highlight your study material; you MAY NOT write in your study material with pen or pencil. If there is any writing or if the tabs can be removed they will not let you take the study material into the testing facility. In preparation for your exam we offer Exam Review for many trades. This exam review covers each book which you will be tested over offering highlighting guides, showing you where to tab and highlight your study material and practice tests, these tests generate new questions each time you log in to the course allowing you to see over 300 questions which will simulate the testing process and allow you to feel comfortable. You can find links to your states exam study material at:

You will be required to submit an application to the state licensing board prior to receiving your license. Each application will require you to provide various information to verify you are qualified to receive your license. Submitting your application for your state license can be a time consuming process. If there are errors, it can be rejected by the state and you will have to make the appropriate changes and resubmit. This is where At Home Prep can assist you by saving you time and money. With our years of experience, we can quickly and accurately submit your application to your state. Our Application Processing is a full service program.