Preparing Your Heating System for Winter Weather

Last year most of us were hit with unusually cold weather now is the time for customers to get their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems ready for cold weather. Heating units require routine maintenance to keep them running effectively and efficiently.

Routine maintenance of a furnace will assure it runs smoothly throughout the winter months. No one wants their system to break down in the dead of winter therefore, checkups on the heat exchanger will make the system more trustworthy and build confidence with your customers. A new heating unit is a costly expense when it can be prevented. As a contractor you want to make sure your license is up to date and you have successfully completed any continuing education you may need to assure you are ready to provide quality service to your customers. We provide education in many states and in most cases we will notify the state for you once you have completed your continuing education; clink here to see what is available in your state: and be ready before winter hits to provide the best service to your customers.