5 Reasons Why Plumbing Is A Great Career

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Considering the serious lack of skilled tradespersons in this country and the advancing ages of those left, it makes sense to look into the benefits of becoming a professional plumber. A licensed plumber can perform all aspects of plumbing, utility connections, irrigation systems, as well as gas piping to water heaters, laundry equipment, kitchen equipment, gas grills, and swimming pool heaters. In other words, they are extremely valuable! You might be seeking to build a plumbing career or would like to advance your career by obtaining online certification. Regardless of your reason, plumbing is a great career. In fact, it’s ranked #2 in Best Construction Jobs. Here are just a few of the benefits of this rewarding job path:

1. Job Security

Plumbing licensure means you’ve passed through the training portion of your burgeoning career and attained some level of professionalism. Working your way up to Master plumber means you’ll always be employed even if it’s for yourself. Here’s a quick overview of the difference between a Master Plumber and Journeyman. Rather like farmers growing food, plumbers will always be in demand. Additionally, when times are slow in the industrial or commercial plumbing area or schools and hospitals, then professional plumbers can turn to residential plumbing needs. Remember if there’s water, there’s a need for plumbers.

2. Low Cost of Learning The Trade

Those seeking a career in plumbing by taking online classes for certification often pay less in student loans than in attending a brick and mortar institution. During your apprenticeship, you’ll be paid as you learn, enabling you to pay off any debt you may incur as well. You can even apprentice in the trade and start earning money from day one.

3. Abundant Income Opportunities

Professional plumbers make considerably more than minimum wage. Journeyman plumbers typically take home $40,000 per year, while a Master plumber can expect to see upwards of $100,000 per year. Some Master plumbers go on to become small business owners as well, with virtually unlimited income earning potential.

4. Socialization

There is no business without customers. Meeting and talking to people each day provides plumbers with not just contacts and referrals, but with a chance to positively affect their customers’ lives. Baby Boomers and Millennials make up the bulk of homeowners today, neither of which generation went into the plumbing business, which means your knowledge and experience are greatly appreciated. The hands-on, day-to-day interaction are part of overall job satisfaction for plumbers. Hate the thought of sitting at a desk all day? The socialization of a plumber gets you out from between four walls and gives you a chance to travel, get fresh air, and exercise. This travel is actually how the word “journeyman” originated.

5. Respect

When something breaks, it’s human nature to seek out those who repair breaks. Doctors, auto mechanics, builders and contractors, electricians, and plumbers are all called upon when we don’t know why something broke or even how to turn off the water or electricity. There is an inherit respect for any tradesman as they bring unique knowledge and skill set to tackle each job. Though some homeowners may attempt a DIY job initially, most learn the hard way that plumbing isn’t as easy as they think. Professional plumbers are satisfied with a career that offers hands-on problem solving, great starting wages and nearly unlimited earning potential. If you’re ready to start or advance your career as a plumber, we offer training courses and books to help. Start by visiting https://athomeprep.com and select your industry and state to see all available resources.
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