7 Ways To Make Money As An Electrician

There are many paths one can take to become a great electrician. Whether you do residential or commercial work, electricians are always in demand. If you’re a veteran in the field or thinking of starting on the path to become an electrician, here are some options to ensure you make the money you deserve.

Get Your Training In

The most direct way to start making money as an electrician is to enroll in an apprenticeship. During this time, you will work under the supervision of a licensed electrician. You will receive pay for your work, which will increase over time as you gain more experience. Often, there are additional classroom hour requirements, but these do vary from state to state.

Obtain your Journeyman’s License

Once you complete your apprenticeship, you can aim for your Journeyman’s License, which will increase your hourly pay as an electrician. This license proves that you know what you’re doing and will pique future employers’ interest when you apply for new jobs. Some states require a journeyman license, while others do not. If you aren’t sure what your state requires, contact us for additional information.

Become A Master Electrician/ Continuing Education

Making sure you continue learning about your trade ensures you will always be knowledgeable about new trends in your field. Having up-to-date information will make you a desirable hire for new projects. From exam prep to continuing education courses, we offer a huge selection of learning opportunities to ensure you are always current with the latest news in your field.

Work for Yourself

If you have long dreamed of being your own boss, starting your own business may be a good option for you. While there are initial risks, having your own business can allow you to make your own hours, pick the projects you enjoy working on, and become more profitable in the long run. This is a great option for self-starters and those who have strong organizational and planning skills.

Explore Specialties

While smaller residential jobs may be easy to handle, it may be worth looking into other electrician specialties to increase your paycheck. These include getting certifications to work on commercial or industrial jobs.

Always Look For Opportunities

Even if you have a steady gig, you should always keep your eye out for new opportunities in your area. If you are working contract to contract or feel ready to take a step up to a new position, there may be other employment opportunities (with better pay!) available.

Moving Up to Experienced Roles

Electricians who have been in the field for many years have the expertise and knowledge to take on higher-paying advisory roles. Consider looking into Project Management, Land Area Supervision, or Electrician Management for a bit of a salary bump. Want to know which courses are right for you or how they might enhance your career? The @HomePrep team is here to help you learn more about how you can become a profitable electrician!
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