At Home Prep Announces Brand New Course Offerings Based on the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC)

Every 3 years, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) releases a new and updated version of the National Electrical Code. The NEC content is the industry-standard for anyone working in the electrical industry. As society continues to evolve, the main goal of the NEC is to provide users with the most current findings pertaining to electrical and fire safety. The NFPA-NEC, is the absolute benchmark standard for safety in the areas of residential, commercial and industrial settings. The original publication was created in 1897, and has continued to be adapted and rigorously screened to ensure the content is inclusive of all industry trends and changes. Each time an edition of the NEC is updated and released users can be assured that content has been added, edited and reorganized for ease of use and clarification. Licensed electricians across the country of all levels and specialties require continuing education credits in most states in order to maintain their licensure and stay up to date on recent findings within their industry. At Home Prep is excited to announce a brand new course offerings based on the 2020 National Electrical Code. “Each state adopts the new code cycle at differing times, and we are very pleased to be able to have the course content ready for our students based on their state adoption date. We encourage interested clients and returning students to check our website for offerings in their state,” said Greg Greene, President of @HomePrep. The team at @HomePrep Education works diligently to create and release course content based on state adoption of the new code, so be sure to check back very soon if you are not able to find the course live yet in your state. The online courses are created by content experts in the electrical field, and have been fully vetted and edited by an additional group of subject matter experts to ensure the highest quality online education for students. Click here for the NEC Books Click here for the NEC Courses