CE Requirements for Contractors in Oregon

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  As a contractor, it’s no secret that you know your stuff. But in some states, contractors need to make sure they are keeping up with continuing education requirements to keep working. Continuing education in construction allows you to stay up to date with your skills and learn new things to excel in your current position. Here are the continuing education requirements you need to meet state requirements as a contractor. Oregon Contractor Licensing. Continuing education courses in Oregon.

What are the Requirements?

The State of Oregon outlines that to keep your residential contractor status, you will need to meet one of these requirements for every two-year licensing period:
  • Option 1
    • 3 hours of CCB laws, regulations, and business practices classes AND
    • 5 additional hours of approved courses if you have been licensed by CCB for less than six years 
  • Option 2
    • 13 hours of other approved courses if you have been licensed by CCB for less than six years
  For approved courses, At Home Prep offers many courses. Check out our course catalog to see the different topics that are covered. No matter what you are interested in as a contractor, you can learn new and valuable skills when meeting your continuing education requirements. 

How Often Do You Need to Meet Requirements?

In the state of Oregon, if you’re a residential or commercial contractor, you need to meet continuing education requirements every two years when you renew your license. 

Requirements For Commercial Contractors

Commercial contractors have to meet the same requirements as their residential counterparts. They also must consider the continuing education of their employees.
  • Level 2 commercial or specialty supply contractors must have 32 hours of approved courses by key employees 
  • Level 1 contractors must have the following:
    • 5 or more key employees with 80 hours of approved courses
    • 4 or more key employees with 64 hours of approved courses
    • 3 key employees with 48 hours of approved courses
    • 2 key employees with 32 hours of approved courses
    • 1 key employee with 16 hours of approved courses

Maintain Good Records

Keeping records of continuing education for you and your employees is essential. The CCB can always ask for proof, so keeping your requirements documented and organized will save you from a headache later. 

Where To Find Oregon CE Courses

When you’re ready to take your continuing education course, AtHomePrep can help! With resources for every state, we supply information and courses that can help you complete your continuing education requirements and get you back out on the job site in no time. 
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