Everything You Need To Know About Texas Plumbing License

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Getting your plumbers license in Texas involves multiple steps, but can be a financially rewarding process. Additionally, becoming a plumber is a great career choice with many rewarding benefits for those that choose this profession. Water damage can happen in any home or business, and when it does, everyone wants it fixed. Yet, only those who become licensed plumbers can guarantee to fix it correctly. Most importantly, with this level of licensure and skill comes job security, no matter what’s going on with the economy. Plumbers receive excellent pay and often can join a union to receive great benefits. A plumber also has the opportunity to start his own business, socialize with people, and get physical and mental exercise as they go on different jobs, and continue to solve water damage problems in the most efficient way. If you’ve decided to get your plumbing license in Texas, here’s everything you need to know.

Getting A Plumbing License

You do need a plumbing license to become a plumber in Texas. That’s in part because the technology of building and construction is constantly being updated and a licensed plumber must stay in tune with all new requirements. To get a Texas plumbing license and work legally in that profession, these are the appropriate steps to take:
  • Have your high-school diploma or General Education Certificate
  • Get vocational training with short-term courses
  • Complete an Apprenticeship Program
  • Pass a written exam and pass two hands-on exams that the Texas State of Plumbing Examiners will administer

Types of Plumbers

An apprentice plumber does many of the same jobs as licensed plumbers; the only difference is that they are entry-level and work with a licensed and experienced plumber to help guide them. A tradesman plumber is a licensed plumber who is limited to installing, constructing, servicing, repairing, or renovating plumbing for single-family homes or two-family homes. A licensed tradesman plumber can supervise an apprentice plumber on jobs for single or two-family homes and may also do plumbing jobs on other structures when directly supervised at the job site by a licensed Journeyman Plumber or Master Plumber. A licensed journeyman plumber has completed their plumber apprenticeship and can install and repair sewage disposal, gas lines, and appliances in both residential and commercial settings without guidance. A licensed master plumber is someone that has been through all the steps as a journeyman plumber. A master plumber also has authorization to create plumbing contracts and agreements with the ability to get plumbing installation permits. Journeyman plumbers become master plumbers when they have earned at least 5 years of experience from at least three different professional references. Our Texas Plumbing Exam Prep Course is fully online and lets you study at home, at your own pace with online practice tests designed to help you pass the state exam with flying colors.

Plumbing Careers

A commercial plumber installs and repairs pipes and other fixtures, figures out how much material and equipment will be needed for each job, and tests out the pipe systems and pipelines that have been installed. A commercial plumber also studies the blueprints for construction and repairs while ensuring the state and local building codes are followed. A residential plumber has the correct licensing to remodel, renovate, and restore homes, gas lines, flues, gas heaters, water heaters, and other appliances. Becoming a plumber offers individuals a great way to earn a living and be very important and helpful to society. All that is really required is being ready to learn about plumbing and the simple task of ensuring you have studied and are well prepared for the licensing exam. Then, you are on your way to receiving all the benefits being a plumber has to give and offer. Ready to invest in yourself as a licensed Texas plumber? Click here to learn more!
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