Getting a Job in Cosmetology

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Careers in cosmetology have come a long way. Thanks to You Tube, Instagram and other social media platforms, some professional cosmetologists have become almost as popular as high-profile athletes and rock stars. Having a successful career in cosmetology allows you to interact with other people, express your own creativity and earn a great income.

Did you know celebrity cosmetologist earn as much as $100,000 per year? Plus, most cosmetology programs can be completed within a year and only require continuing education to maintain your state license once certified.

Here is an overview of how to get started in this exciting and rewarding career path.

Learn Specific Licensing Requirements

Before you enroll in any program or start looking for jobs, you must find out what the licensing requirements are in your state. Each state has different requirements, and taking practice tests or using a guidebook can help you ace the state exam. If you are looking to get licensed, let us help! You may also have a specific field in cosmetology that you are hoping to work in. In that case, conduct research on what is required and avoid taking any unnecessary steps in other areas that don’t align with your ultimate goal.

Enroll in a Program

Once you know the specific certifications and licenses required to pursue your dream job, you should enroll in a reputable program. Researching the program is of utmost importance because you want to ensure that you are learning from qualified experts, taking crucial classes and gaining potential access to desirable jobs.

Get the Right Tools

Before the start of your program, the instructors will likely require certain tools. As you’re looking at the cost of the tools, you may be tempted to buy inexpensive items in the beginning. However, without the correct equipment, you are probably going to struggle in employing the methods that the instructors teach. Know that investing in these tools can make a difference in whether or not you have a successful start to your career.

Practice and Practice Some More

Remember that the field of cosmetology is learned through practice and repetition. In other words, you cannot learn all of the skills merely from flipping through the pages of a book and taking adequate notes. Putting those skills into play is a crucial part of your success. Take all of the opportunities available to practice through repetition during your cosmetology training. For example, you may choose to pursue cosmetology licensing online and then train independently.

Accept Feedback

Engaging in cosmetology training means that you need to keep an open mind to feedback. Regardless of whether you complete cosmetology licensing online or in person, your instructors are going to provide you with feedback. As you grow your career, employers and clients will also provide commentary that can help shape your career path.

Make Connections

Forming connections is essential to a successful career in cosmetology. You are the product you are selling and referrals are the easiest way to get both repeat customers and new clients. The more people you network and connect with, the larger your book of business will be. Of course, in today’s modern world you can also use social media to expand your network rapidly! Many people fall in love with the creative aspects of cosmetology, but aren’t sure how to turn it into a career. With the right research and approach, you can turn your passion into a truly amazing career path. Ready to get started? Whether you are just learning about the process or in need of continuing education credits, we offer online training that is fast, easy and affordable.
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