How to Become a Licensed Forklift Operator

Looking for information on how to become a certified forklift operator? Learn why forklift certification is an important part of safety training for many different work environments and how this required training can advance your career.

Warehouse distribution centers and construction sites often employ forklift operators to operate machinery that moves heavy material. Forklift certification often comes with a pay increase, and more importantly in terms of employment is the fact that a licensed forklift operator and their employer tend to be less liable for any damages that may occur in the workplace. If your employer is lax about a forklift license, then every employee’s health and safety is at great risk every time they step into the workplace. Forklift certification is a marketable skill and opens up a number of jobs to anyone with the proper credentials.

OHSA Requirements

OSHA requires employers to implement some training program as all forklift operators need to be aware of safety-related operations for the equipment. This training helps reduce workplace accidents and keeps employees safe on the job. The employers are responsible for this requirement – both the training and certification. Violation of the certification requirement can cost thousands in fines and is not worth the risk!

Employer Requirements

Many employers offer this training to entry-level employees once they have established themselves with the company and gained hands-on experience with warehouse or construction operations. Forklift operators also need to be physically fit and employers often require the ability to lift or pull up to 50lbs. This position typically involves both constant physical activity and long hours, so employees need stamina and strength to perform it well.


The great news regarding forklift certification is that it can be done in as little as two hours – and online. Training includes: T
  • ypes of forklifts and operating instructions, warnings, and precautions Pre-operation, traveling and, steering, maneuvering, and operation Forklift controls and instrumentation Engine and motor operation
Our online Forklift Operator Training and Certification programis one of the fastest and easiest ways to complete this required training. Once you’ve completed all the required sections, you will be able to immediately print your certificate of completion. At this point, the next step is demonstrating your knowledge to your employer to be in full compliance. Your employer will usually administer this practical portion of the exam. This is also an opportunity for your employer to see your competency in a real-world, working situations. Your certification is valid for three years. After three years, you’ll need to take the forklift certification course again. Ready to learn how to operate a forklift safely? Whether you’re just not up to speed with the OHSA requirements or ready to explore more opportunities within construction or warehouse industries, our training is here to help you get certified. Click here to get started!