How to Get A Food Handler’s License In Texas

Foodborne illnesses affect 1 in 6 people, according to estimates from the CDC and roughly 3,000 of these cases are fatal. Even with milder incidents, restaurants can lose a lot of money when employees mishandle food. Thus, restaurants encourage proper education of food handling for both the physical protection of patrons and financial well-being of the restaurant itself. Most foodborne illness occurs when people consume mishandled or contaminated produce or products. Other cases stem from more minor mishandling such as employee germs from improper hand washing. To protect the health and safety of its citizens, the Texas Department of State Health Services requires all food employees to obtain a Texas Food Handler Certification within 60 days of employment. Need your Texas Food Handler Certification? Click here for our fully approved course!

Who Needs A Texas Food Handler Certification?

Establishments that serve food in Texas are required to have all personnel who come into contact with food be trained as a food handler. This includes both front of house employees and back of house employees and anyone who works with food equipment, packaged food, or food-contact surfaces. Anyone who might come in contact with food should be certified, even hosts or bartenders. For anyone taking a job in a restaurant, a Texas Food Handler Certification is an easy way to ensure that you are properly trained and educated.

How to Get Certified

Getting certified is an easy and simple process and the @HomePrep Texas Food Handler Course can be taken online. Online certification is great because you can complete the course at your convenience. Our course meets state-specific requirements and allows employees and managers to learn the specific Texas health regulations. Once you complete the course, you can pay the fee and print your certificate. The certificate is valid for up to thirty days until the official certification arrives via mail. The Texas Food Handler Certification gives you an employment advantage and educates you on which precautions are necessary for safety. Even better, more future opportunities may even be available for you after certification! Ready to get started on your Texas Food Handler Certification? Click here to learn more about our fully-approved, online course!