How to Pass The Georgia Business & Law Exam For Construction

Want to become a licensed contractor in Georgia? Then you will need to pass the required Georgia Business and Law exam for construction. The exam is not stand alone and will require both preparation and practice, which can be with practice tests.

Georgia Contractors Requirements

In order to perform construction work in the state of Georgia, contractors are required to pass the Georgia Construction Business & Law Exam for licensure. This requirement applies to electrical, plumbing, HVAC, utility manager, and low-voltage contractor classifications. If you are interested in performing construction work in the state of Georgia, then you will want to start by obtaining the appropriate license. A Georgia construction license enables contractors to perform a variety of residential and commercial projects within the state. The license is acquired through the successful completion of four different exams:
  • Business & Law Exam: 50 Questions. Requires 35 to Pass. 120 Minute Session
  • Residential Basic Contractor: 80 Questions. Requires 56 to Pass. 200 Minute Session
  • Residential Light Contractor: 90 Questions. Requires 63 to Pass. 230 Minute Session
  • General Contractor: 100 Questions. Requires 70 to Pass. 260 Minute Session

The Georgia Business And Law  Exam

The exam is given by PSI and is open-book with 50 questions and a two-hour time limit. A score of 70% is required for passing. Topics you will be tested on include:
  • Licensing Requirements Estimating
  • Bidding Business Organization
  • Financial Management
  • Tax Laws
  • Labor Laws
  • Project Management
  • Lien Law Contracts
  • Risk Management
  • Environmental and Safety Issues

How To Prepare For The Exam

Our Georgia Business And Law Practice tests will ensure you are ready for exam day. Our online practice tests include over 245 questions to thoroughly test you on your knowledge of the material. We include math calculations, study tips, licensing information and instructor support to give you the confidence you want on test day. These tests are designed to be the best and most efficient way to prepare you for your business and law examination. As a National Leader in online education with over 100,000 satisfied students and a course catalog of over 1,000 classes, we are here to help you! Once you have studied enough to feel that you’ve grasped the material, it’s time to take the test. Here are few additional tips for success in the Georgia Business and Law exam: Make sure to arrive at the testing facility 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Contractors are also required to present two forms of identification. The exam is open-book. Therefore, you can bring a variety of resources along with you for reference during the exam. Although the presence of these resources in the exam room can help ensure you have the correct information, it is not a good practice to rely heavily on the materials. The exam can be a bit strenuous, so make sure to prepare accordingly by getting proper sleep the night before and eating enough food prior to exam time. Whether you are interested in becoming a Georgia residential contractor, or an HVAC technician, you will need a Georgia Construction license. This license will be a symbol of the skills and expertise you have acquired within your chosen industry. If you are a Georgia residential contractor with a contracting license, there is no limit to the amount of work you can bid on and perform. Customers will also be satisfied knowing they will receive quality work. If you’re interested in obtaining a construction license in Georgia, consider getting started with our exam prep today.