MA Construction Supervisor License Types

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If you’re ready to advance your construction career in Massachusetts, then you’ll need to know the different types of supervisor licenses available. Some people choose only to work on already-built residences and simply requires a home improvement contractors license (HIC). For anyone who wants more opportunity, you’ll need to get a construction supervisor license (CSL). The two main types of construction supervisor licenses are Unrestricted and Restricted. Both require passing a Massachusetts License Exam and three years experience.

Unrestricted Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License

The Unrestricted Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License is the most broad-reaching license offered and means licensees can take on any type of construction project less than 35,000 cubic feet in size. This includes: Buildings containing less than 35,000 cubic feet of enclosed space; One- and two-family dwellings or any accessory building thereto irrespective of size; Buildings used for farm purposes; and Retaining walls less than 10 feet in height at all points along the wall as measured from the base of the footing to the top of the wall.

Restricted Massachusetts Construction Supervisors License

Restricted CSL holders can erect or renovate one- or two-family dwellings only. This includes construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, removal, or demolition involving any activity regulated by the code for: any one- and two-family dwellings irrespective of size or any accessory building thereto. It’s important to note that the powers of the Restricted Construction Supervisors License can vary from county to county. Some counties require additional specialties to complete projects. Thus, the Restricted Construction Supervisors License also includes the following:
  • Masonry Only CSL
  • Residential Roof Covering CSL
  • Residential Window and Siding CSL
  • Residential Solid Fuel Burning Appliance CSL
  • Demolition CSL

CSL Application, Exam, and Renewal Information

The first step to getting your CSL license, whether Restricted or Unrestricted, is to pass the state-required exam. Here are some additional facts about the exam(s):
  • The Unrestricted construction Supervisor exam has 75 questions
  • The Restricted Construction Supervisor exam has 60 questions
  • A 70% is required to pass
  • You must document 3 years of experience when submitting your application to take the exam.
  • Topics on the exam include code administration, sitework, concrete masonry, thermal and moisture protection, finishes, metals, and doors and windows.
  • To schedule your exam, contact Thomson Prometric at 1-800-813-6671.
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