Mississippi Building Contractor Exam Review

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  If you’re ready to get to work as a contractor in Mississippi, there are a few steps you’ll need to take. First, you need to obtain your contractor’s license. In Mississippi, you can’t perform any type of contractor work worth over $50,000, or residential remodels up to $10,000, without one. Once you apply for and receive your license, you’ll need to be on the lookout for continuing education requirements to keep your license renewed and up to date each and every year.    Are you ready to work on new projects in Mississippi? Here’s how to obtain and renew your license.   

Fill out the Application 

The Mississippi contractor’s application requires you to gather proper identifying documents to submit to the MSBOC or Mississippi State Board of Contractors. The application requires a $50 fee for residential contractors, and you will have 180 days to complete your contractor application. There are five different parts of the application you will need to fill out: identifying information, qualifying party information, background info, construction experience, and a consent form. The form will also ask you for supporting documents which you will attach when you submit your application. The application includes a checklist at the end to help you make sure you have everything you need before you submit it.   


Once you apply for your license, you will receive an informational packet in the mail from the board outlining how to take your exams. Applicants are required to take the Mississippi Law and Business Management exam in addition to the exam for their specified trade. The MSCOB offers tests every week, and you can sign up for a time through the PSI that works for you. If you’re getting ready for your exam in Mississippi, @HomePrep offers many resources to ensure you will pass.    The best way to pass your exam is to prepare for it. Taking an online course is the easiest way to prepare since you can study from the comfort of your home on your own time. We offer practice exams for the Law and Business Management exam that include all the information you will need. The course includes highlighting guides, math and analysis review, study guides, and other helpful tips. You can also find courses on your specific trade that can help you brush up on your skills before the exam.   

Get Your License Approved 

In Mississippi, the board processes license applications every week. Once you pass your exam, the board will process your information and send your license to you within five workdays. Now that you have your license, you can work on projects over $50,000. Your license is good for up to one year and you must renew it annually. You also have to take 2 hours of continuing education credits every year for the renewal.    Luckily, @HomePrep offers many continuing education courses that count towards your license renewal. Our residential contractor’s continuing education course is approved by MSBOC, so you can take your required courses from home when you can find time between your busy construction schedule.    Since the construction world is always changing, keeping up with new trends and furthering your education is the best way to stay on top of your game. Keep in mind that @HomePrep can help you stay up to date with the latest information and technology in your field. If you want to expand into a different trade, we also have hundreds of courses that can help you take the necessary steps to do that. We’re here to help you become the best at your job and continue to perform great work.   
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