Oregon Construction Industry Today

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Covid certainly impacted the construction industry in 2020. However, the disruptions were not spread evenly. For example,  states such as  Tennessee and Oregon have already shown strong signs of recovery. According to this report from Cumming Corporation, Oregon (like Nashville) even had “a slight surge in projects towards the end of the year, which has resulted in an overall construction volume figure similar to that of 2019.”

Oregon Construction Over The Past Few Years

After the 2008 recession, Oregon saw tremendous impact to the construction industry. It took several years for employment and projects to increase slowly and steadily.  The state’s economy has been growing since, which has also meant construction has risen as well. Just prior to the pandemic, Oregon was experiencing a boom in the industry thanks to high demand in both commercial and residential projects.

Opportunities In Oregon Construction For 2021

Today, residential projects continue to bolster the state’s construction industry. Per the state’s own economic analysis, the majority of demand remains for single-family housing with little slow-down for the year ahead. This remains consistent with national trends as the number of millennials buying homes continue to drive a hot real estate market. For non-residential demand, the volume may decrease though needs remain in public works and public sector projects. The largest problems facing the industry in the state mirror those across the country: labor shortage. From skilled workers to licensed contractors, the state continues to face problems finding enough people to get the jobs done on strict timelines. For those motivated to invest in their careers, there has never been a better time to get licensed!

Becoming A Licensed Contractor in Oregon

Oregon Contractors are required to complete 16 hours of education prior to sitting for the state exam. If you’re considering growing your career, you can learn more here or contact us today at 1-800-952-0910 to start get started!
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