Reference books for Louisiana Mechanical Contracting licensing

Mechanical contractors are the glue that holds together new building projects. But the only way to work on those exciting new projects is to obtain your contractor’s license. Getting your license for mechanical contracting will allow you to work on projects with larger budgets and help you progress in your career. If you’re ready to take the next step towards career growth but aren’t sure where to start, here is what you need to know about getting your Mechanical Contractor’s License in Louisiana.

What Type of License Do You Need?

  There are multiple types of contractor licenses in Louisiana that you can apply for depending on your specialty.A mechanical contractor, working on any project exceeding $10,000,  needs a commercial license. Many mechanical contractors work with larger companies on their projects to ensure that they meet all of their mechanical needs. This includes heating and cooling systems, refrigeration, piping, and plumbing for buildings. Mechanical contractors typically have degrees in their respective fields, which sets them apart from their residential counterparts, such as plumbers. Both jobs are crucial to building projects, but mechanical contractors may have a wider scope of knowledge when working on commercial jobs.  

How to Get A Commercial License

  The steps to getting your commercial license in Louisiana are:  
  • Complete the application from Louisiana State Licensing Board. (you will need to provide several supporting documents)
  • Take the state required 6-week  Business and Law course
  • Once your application is accepted, you will be notified about mandatory examinations
  • Take your Business and Law exam (online)
  • Schedule your trade exams & pass them with a score of 70% or better
  For your convenience, At Home Prep offers Louisiana Application Processing service to ensure your application to become a state licensed contractor gets filled out correctly and promptly. Once you take the Business and Law course and pass the required exams, you will get approval from the board to get your commercial license.  

Mechanical Contractor Exam

  One of the exams you will need to take to become a licensed mechanical contractor, is the Mechanical Work (Statewide) exam. Since mechanical contracting covers a wide range of topics, it is crucial to have experience on the job to help you prepare.   Some types of mechanical contractor work will require additional exams. For example, contractors that also do plumbing jobs must also obtain a Master Plumbing License, and contractors that do gas piping jobs must also obtain a Master Gas Fitters License.  

Exam Prep

  Other than gaining real-world experience on the job, there are plenty of resources that can help you prepare for your Mechanical Work exam. At HomePrep, has gathered all the books  and resources you need to pass your Mechanical Work exam in Louisiana. The book package has resources on a wide range of topics including HVAC and plumbing, as well as management, and business skills to ensure you’re not only ready for your exam, but for your career.
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