Staying Current With Trends In The Construction Industry

Construction is one of the oldest industries in the world. For as long as humans have needed shelter, people have needed to build and improve structures. Over time, as populations grew and people chose to settle in central areas, construction practices evolved to provide more permanent structures. Today, it’s one of the largest revenue-producing industries across the globe. Like most things, construction is also evolving quickly. Modern life has brought many changes to the industry as it adapts to both an economic and social environment constantly. The demand for construction has been particularly high the past few years, but the competition among those in the industry has grown as well. That’s why it’s more important than ever to stay current with trends in the construction industry. As a leader among e-learning, our team at @HomePrep is dedicated to understanding the direction construction is headed in and providing students with what they need to know. Here are three ways we are helping with some of the construction trends impacting 2020:
  • Technology – Technology is advancing faster than it ever has before and impacts every trade and field in construction today. Our courses and books are designed to give you the training you need in the technology involved for your job. As the technology changes, our courses are updated.
  • Safety & Regulation – Safety and regulation are essential for quality work in construction and with new technology comes new codes and rules. Not only are our own courses all state and industry vetted and approved, but we cover and teach the student about all the regulatory burdens and requirements that they can expect when working in their specific construction field. We also offer assistance in satisfying many of the regulatory license needs, from our courses and books to state application processing – we offer customized help in all areas of obtaining and maintaining professional licensure.
  • Labor Shortages – Although labor shortages aren’t actually new, they are ongoing. Skilled labor is increasingly tough to find, which limits the number of projects companies can take on and the amount of time it takes to complete them. However, this presents a lot of opportunities for those looking to get licensed right now.
Though you may ask yourself how necessary a license is a general contractor, our students know that the more you invest in yourself, the greater your chances of success are. We strive to provide the most inclusive and beneficial content to help our students remain competitive in their field with state and industry approved training. Click here if you are ready to get started on your state specific requirements for licensure, continuing education or pre-licensing. Or call us today at 1-800-952-0910 with any questions or concerns!