Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Taking Your CEU’s Online

CEUs (Continued Education Units) are an incredibly important part of many professions. They are often required to maintain certification or professional license designations, and can greatly increase chances for upward movement in many careers.

In the past, CEUs could only be completed via seminars or training programs, which often involved travel or time away from work. Thanks to modern technology, there are so many more options for CEUs today.

As a leading provider of online CEUs and licensing, we offer self-paced training for multiple industries in almost every state. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about taking CEUs online:

Can I complete CEU’s on a smartphone?

Yes! One of the advantages of getting CEUs through @HomePrep is access to your CEU’s on any smartphone or tablet. We make it simple for you to complete your required coursework when it’s convenient for you, on the platform that works best for you. A quick note regarding smartphones and tablets – Some of our program is based on Flash, which is not natively supported on Apple devices. We recommend downloading Google Chrome through the App Store, which can act as a web browser and support our program.

How is my course completion reported?

If the continuing education course is one that @Home Prep submits hours to the state, the following business day we submit hours to the appropriate state board. Many times it takes the state boards up to 72 hours to reflect the submission, so we always advise students to check back with the state (if needed) after a few days. For courses and states where we do not submit the student hours, it is the student’s responsibility to submit the completion hours to the appropriate state board. Each industry and state operates differently so familiarize yourself with the appropriate process for your state.

Do I have to be online at designated class times?

We understand that finding the time to take a pre-scheduled class can be difficult, especially if you are a working professional maintaining your license. Juggling additional learning while working shouldn’t feel overwhelming. That’s why our courses are available to take at your convenience, anytime, anyplace. There are no designated course times and classes don’t have to be completed in one sitting.

Do I need to buy additional reference materials?

Part of the @HomePrep commitment to presenting online education is our promise that the courses we offer have no hidden costs, like additional reference materials that can be expensive. None of our Continuing Education courses require additional reference materials. All of the information needed to understand and successfully complete the course will be included in the course modules. However, our bookstore does offer hundreds of reference materials on a wide variety of industries to supplement continued learning in your career path.

How long will it take to complete the course?

The length of time needed to complete each course will vary. Course length depends on content and state requirements. Most courses have an approximate length of time needed to complete them listed on the individual course pages.

Bonus Question: Help! I can’t login!

Having trouble remembering your login credentials? Click the links for Forgot Username or Forgot Password. If you received an “Invalid Token” error, you are already logged into our system. Still having trouble logging in? Please call us directly at 1-800-952-0910.