What Are The Florida Home Inspection Continuing Education Requirements?

Are you interested in renewing your Florida Home Inspector license and looking for CE Credits to further your career? Like most states, Florida requires licensed home inspectors to complete Continuing Education hours prior to renewal. This requirement is to help professionals in the industry stay current on important, new trends, updates and procedures. One thing to keep in mind is that Continuing Education isn’t strictly for changes within the industry; CE credits can prepare you for new responsibilities and career opportunities within your field.

Opportunities for Home Inspectors in Florida

Florida Home Inspectors have an abundance of opportunities currently. Article after article highlight the growth in the state’s housing market, which means home inspectors are in high demand. For highly populated areas with popular housing markets, home inspectors can make as much as $90,000. Assistant home inspectors are also needed. Many assistants are working towards their home inspection certifications and licensing and earn from $14-20 per hour while they train. Some home inspectors even become small business owners, with no cap on income potential. However, like every small business owner, it’s crucial to know how to wear several hats at once because you’ll be responsible for marketing, branding, and delivering excellent service to each client. One of the most important ways to excel in this career is to take care of your CE credits!

Continuing Education Requirements for Florida Home Inspectors

Continuing education is required for home inspectors as home maintenance supplies and home mechanics are constantly changing. Home inspectors are required to complete 14 hours of continuing education before every renewal period (every two years). Our online courses can provide relevant information that is consistently updated to the industry’s newest trends. Our online course is state approved and covers all required topics such as:
  •  Wind mitigation
  • Accessibility
  • Laws and rules
  • Ethics and standards
  • Reports
  • Components of a home and more.
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