Why You Should Get Licensed As A Certified Babysitter

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It’s true that not everyone needs to be certified to be employed as a babysitter. However, earning a certification in babysitting separates you from the crowd and can can take your business to the next level. Not only will certification provide you with the essential skills for child care, but also you will gain the confidence of employers who recognize your commitment to the job.

The Benefits of Babysitting Certification

Improved Trust

Babysitter have some of the toughest employers around – parents. Children are most parents’ top priorities, which means they carefully scrutinize their options before deciding on whom to employ as a babysitter. With a babysitting certification you convey that you have gone the extra mile and can be trusted with someone else’s children. Additionally, such certification suggest you can be trusted in the homeowner’s residence while they are away.

Development of Skills

Babysitting certification provides excellent information regarding children that can make babysitting an easier experience. It’s important to understand what is age-appropriate for children and how to handle the variety of behaviors they might demonstrate. Babysitting certification will teach you how to engage with kids, entertain them and how to handle challenges when kids act up. Certification courses also teach babysitters how to handle potential crisis and emergency situations. This is immensely valuable for parents, especially for those with children who have special needs, take medication, or are quite young. According to a survey from Care.com, 66% of parents stated that they would consider paying more for a babysitter with safety training.

Increased Financial Opportunity

As previously mentioned, there is also a financial benefit of being certified. Not only will parents pay more for reassurance around safety, having a certification shows professionalism and dedication. Anyone could offer to become a babysitter, but taking the next step to get certified allows you to demand more for your services. With the low-cost of certification, statistics suggest you will have much more financial gain through certification.

Learning Business Skills

The right babysitting certification course should also include information on babysitting as a business. You’ll learn how to prepare and present yourself, as well as how to speak with potential clients to get all the pertinent facts you need to do your job well.

Online Babysitting Certification

Although there isn’t a national association for babysitters to earn accreditation, it is possible to earn your certification through online training. With @HomePrep, our online Babysitting Training and Certificate provide one of the fastest and easiest ways to complete your training. Our course has been written and fully vetted by industry professionals and online access means you can take it on your own time, around your schedule. If you’d like peace of mind knowing you can handle any babysitting situation and have more earning potential, enroll today in our online class!
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