CE Requirements for Texas Electrical NEC Contractors 

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  To keep your electrician’s license valid in Texas, you must meet state continuing education requirements. Many electrician licenses in Texas must be renewed every year and include continuing education requirements. Here are the requirements you need to know about if you’re an electrician or electrical contractor in Texas.   

What Level Electrician Needs Continuing Education?

  From apprentice to master electrician and everything in between, you must complete four hours of continuing education annually. To be an electrical contractor in Texas, you need to have your Master Electrician license as well. So no matter if you are just starting out, or are ready to take on work as a contractor, you are required to take four hours of continuing education courses before you renew your license.   

Continuing Education Requirements

  Your four hours of continuing education must address the following topics from the Texas Department of Regulation and Licenses.  
  1. National Electrical Code 
  2. Texas Electrician Law
  3. Texas Electrician Administrative Rules
  4. Electrical Safety as defined in the National Fire Protection Association 
  When completing your continuing education requirements, you must take courses with information pertaining directly to Texas Electrician Law and Rules, even if you have already taken four hours of NEC requirements. Your courses must also be from a registered Texas Department of Regulation and License provider and you cannot receive credit for attending the same course more than once. Partial completion of education requirements are not accepted by the Texas Department of Regulation and License However, some providers may let you finish the credit at a later date.    You must finish your continuing education requirements within the term of the license that you are renewing. For example, if your license expires on January 1st, 2022, you must complete your continuing education requirements between January 1st, 2021, and January 1st, 2022.    If you have multiple licenses, you only need to complete a total of four hours of continuing education.   

Taking Continuing Education Courses

  When you are ready to get your courses under your belt, At Home Prep is here to help. We offer a complete four-hour continuing education course. The course covers all of the required material in one course to make it easy for you to meet your requirements. If you are looking to renew your electrician license, we offer resources and exam prep. Check out all of our resources for Texas electricians to keep your licenses current.   
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